Why should you consider automated trading systems to supplement your income?

We live in economically turbulent times with prices of basic commodities and goods sky rocketing. It has becoming increasingly difficult for the common man to make ends meet with the innumerably EMIs and mortgages that need to be taken care of each month.  Some people manage two or sometimes even three jobs to keep up with the rising demands of a family and increasing cost of living. But everyone dreams of hitting a jackpot and start dabbling in the share market but it is not everyone’s cup of tea. 

What would you say if you were told that nowadays there are software that have designed for even beginners to trade in the markets. Take for example  the Bitcoin Trader, a Forex trading software that has been so designed that it can autonomously take all decisions regarding trading. You can find out more information about this particular software at https://top10binarydemo.com/review/bitcoin-trader/. 

Before you take the plunge it is always wise to consider the advantages and disadvantages of the automated traders, especially if you are a novice. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of trading robots 

The biggest advantage of this software is that it saves you time as you do not have to watch a screen constantly to sell and buy.  Since it is an automated system which works on preset programs you can program the robot to trade for you all the 24 hours or till certain set criteria is met.  It is easy for even those without any trading background to use. 

On the flip side, there is a risk of getting conned by unscrupulous sites that lure you with attractive profits only to abscond with your investment. Another disadvantage is that despite the claim that the robots do not need human intervention, for a successful trade you must monitor them from time to time and change the parameters of the trade according to the current market scenario. 


Thus, you see that not all Forex robots are successful or authentic. It is your responsibility to do your homework before you decide to invest in a Forex robot. The authentic robots  will function within the legal boundaries and will generate the predicted results and profits. These reputable robots will use latest analysis and cutting edge tools and technology to provide the best predictions for you to trade. They maybe a little more expensive but you can be rest assured that your investment will be safe. 

Crypto currency trading with bots – the good and bad about it

Crypto currency trading is a relatively new concept. But within a short span the concept has gained a lot of momentum and is now popular among traders around the world. As an instrument of trading crypto currency is quite different from the other instruments out there. The way crypto currencies behave, the factors that influence their growth and the probability of making large profits in a short time are all different. There are very few factors that are known to stop the crypto currencies’ value from growing. The impulsive decision by a bunch of buyers after some major political events might, for example, be a trigger in momentary drops. But the patterns are very different.  

Bots are here! 

Crypto trading with bots can be very much similar to trading with bots in other trading instruments. The underlying concept remains the same. Bots like Ethererum Code are created by writing a code that makes it easy to automate trading. Automation in general can be done by observing the common processes and patterns and making machines do the mundane tasks thus saving the end users’ time. In trading there is the process of market analysis where most decisions are based on technical analysis taking into consideration a handful of parameters. Trading bots achieve this by making the machine do the market study and then the results of the comparison would be based on the performance of the various currencies when they are compare with the same parameters. In the end the currency that has the highest probability of growth would be chosen as the ideal investment option. So the user can cut down the time spent in analyzing the market. The time spent on placing an order would also be reduced. 

Bots aren’t perfect 

After all every strong bot out there has some imperfections. If the bot is self-learning then it might have a competitive edge over the others. But most bots might soon get outdated as the market volatility never changes. Creating a trading bot is very simple and there are many who can launch a bot. There is not enough information about how many of them are tested with real market data and how many are launched simply after backtesting with limited data. The simulated results shown on the websites are often manipulative and might not be the best indicators that the trading bot is really worth trusting. So it makes perfect sense for every trader to learn about crypto trading while also using the bots.  

What do trading bots do to help traders?

Talk about trading there are options in terms of the chosen instruments, the trading methodologies and lots more. We are not new to trading. But crypto currencies are definitely new in town. Looking at the penetration in the market it is hard to believe that it has been hardly a few years since the concept of crypto currencies was introduced.  

People started buying virtual currencies, tokens sold by new ventures with the hope of using them for future online transactions. The value exploded and then there were numerous new ICOs seen. All this led to the trend of trading with crypto currencies. Today this is one of the most profitable areas for a new trader.  

Crypto trading took a new turn when the trading bots were introduced. Now there are so many of them out there, Crypto Code for example. Here is a sneak peek into what this bot is all about: 

The crypto currency market has an inherent volatility that delivers a wonderful trading opportunity. But then it is difficult to track the ups and downs and every single event that occurs. So the trading bots are handy. They are designed to watch every movement in the market. You need not worry about taking wrong decisions because you missed a tiny detail. The bot would accurately capture real time market data. 

If you do not have enough time to sit at your workstation to study the market and manage your portfolio, you would find the online trading bots and automated systems beneficial as most of them offer mobile apps. Some can be accessed as web based applications directly from the mobile browser. So you could trade during your daily commute. And your trading bot would trade for you even when you sleep.  

The market changes that happen overnight should be studied in order to take better decisions. The bots would already have all the information up to date. So soon after the market goes live (as with stock trading) the trading bot can take its decisions. And with the crypto currencies having a bot that works round the clock is really beneficial.  

Most online trading bots offer demo accounts, flexible payment and withdrawal options and other benefits. And the fees paid might vary based on the chosen features. There are bots that have flexible packages for beginners and professionals where the offered features and the level of flexibility would vary.  

Hence, choosing an investment option is never simple as the child’s play

While achieving financial goals is the major criteria, securing your position against the financial emergency is crucial, in where comes the option of investment as the savior. From beating the inflation to beating the uncertainties, the investment option could offer you a lot many benefits and that is why one should never oversee this option at all! But, at the same time, it is all about choosing the right investment scheme, only then the above-said essentialities and much more could be met satisfactorily, for which a number of factors should be taken into consideration. 

Hence, choosing an investment option is never simple as the child’s play, as not only yours, but also your family’s future resides in it. Hence, consider the below-mentioned essential factors while choosing the investment option for you so that the chosen one serves the purpose not only appropriately but also abundantly! 

  • The age factor 

The very long-term investment choices are suitable if you had ventured them at your young age because not only the waiting makes sense but also due to your relaxed routine even if mistakes happen you can easily counterbalance and bounce back without much hassle. Also, at the same time, starting at young allows you to enjoy the higher profitability as the ‘added’ interest leads to your added beneficial state!  


  • The amount required 

Investment is an act of saving and therefore, everyone is entitled to participate and enjoy the benefits of the savings, appropriately. But, in reality, it’s not the case! That is, not all investment options are feasible for everyone, as the amount required in the name of investment is beyond their capability. But, thankfully, you do have pursuable investment option like the automated cryptocurrency trading supported by inexpensive means like the Crypto Code! 


  • The profitability 

Certainly, the profits you earn out of the investment choice you make matters, as that’s what decides all your current and future financial goals. But, that profitability also comes with the risk factor, as not many want you to enjoy the fruits of the success so easily. Again, it’s only not many and not all and therefore, few of the investment options despite the higher profitability factor, allow you to enjoy the success of the outcome without including too many risk factors, for which the automated cryptocurrency trading by using the above-mentioned platform is the best example! 


  • The time required 

You cannot dedicate your whole time in the name of investment decision as you also have your social life and other personal things to concentrate. Hence, considering these, choose the right investment choice that does not exchange your never-recoverable time for the recoverable money! 

 Let us take a quick glimpse of the problems encountered while using and designing an automated system and render it good solutions to overcome this.  

In response to this, there are many developers who have created automated trading systems. These generally use complex algorithms to scan the markets and look for an opportunity. When they locate one they will automatically invest your funds and hopefully generate you a profit. 


But not even the automated systems can get it right every time; there are simply too many variables. Let us take a quick glimpse of the problems encountered while using and designing an automated system and render it good solutions to overcome this.  

One of the main issues is with the data pitfall that can immensely transform a decently built system into a bad one or vice versa. So concisely, one should analyse the various considerations relating to this field like 

  1. The data reliability 
  • One should really focus on all the realistic features regarding the accuracy of the data before the systems are being iterated. For this, thinking out of the normal trading conditions is always necessary.  
  • This can better be explained with an example for say, the shares of a business firm are being traded at twelve dollars but on a certain condition, the trade is continuously printed at fifteen dollars just before this process pick up from the previous levels.  This problem is mostly encountered due to the bad ticks. If the stock being traded upon is unstable to predict on then, it is possible to regard it as a bad trade. Thus, one cannot truly depend on the printed data being shown on the system screen. In contrast to this, these poor ticks are so good in quality as they are already filtered by the data providers. 
  • Testing procedures to be conducted in future is another point of concern. One should need to perform continuous back testing with the changing contractual periods. Bitcoin Code employs this. 
  1. The biasing condition of survivorship 
  • There can be situations like the historical data records of the stock prices have been lost or just disappeared by some means. This can be due to delisting, merging or related situations. If this happens, then it can be said that the data suffer from survivorship bias. Moreover, this is a dangerous situation to be dealt as they mainly occur in the schemes that attempt to buy low and sell high and also for the trades that need to be held for a long time say for weeks or even months. 
  • Precisely deciding the filtering factors like price or range can help to overcome this bias condition.  
  1. The snooping of data 
  • While developing a trading system, one should take positions with regard to constant optimization by clearly adjusting the parameters to get the best possible outcome. This process is often referred as the fitting along the curve.  
  • Further, there is a need for samples in proportion to the number of parameters used for optimization. This requirement is noted as the accessible degree of freedom. Indeed, they can relate to the degree of robustness of the developed system. 

There are also other variables that relate to these automated trading ones. Automated trading systems can offer an additional option for trading and can even be used if you do not have the time or the experience to trade yourself. BitCoin Code is one of these automated options; the question is whether you should be using them or not. 

Painkiller diclofenac could be as deadly as Vioxx

Are we about to experience Vioxx the sequel?

When the deadly painkiller Vioxx first hit the American market in 1999, it was heralded as a medical breakthrough for people suffering with arthritis pain. Celebrities like Bruce Jenner lined up — albeit for some hefty compensation — to sing its praises.

But a few years later, we discovered what we really had on our hands — death in a bottle.

Before Vioxx was finally pulled off the market in 2004, it was linked to more than 27,000 heart attacks or sudden cardiac deaths in the United States. And now, it turns out that we may not have seen the last of these potentially deadly, heart-stopping drugs. Because we may just have “Vioxx the Sequel” on our hands — and it could be just as gruesome as the original.

According to new research in PLoS Medicine, diclofenac — a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) used under different names around the world — is quickly becoming just as famous as its Vioxx counterpart for all the same bad reasons.

Dr. David Henry of the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Services reports that people taking diclofenac had a 40% higher risk of suffering a cardiovascular problem such as a heart attack, than people not taking NSAIDs .

That’s nearly identical to the risk that got Vioxx pulled off the shelves — but unlike Vioxx Big Pharma continues to peddle diclofenac around the world.

If you’ve been prescribed diclofenac, it’s time to see you doctor — fast. Ask about safe, natural remedies like fish oil that have been proven to offer arthritis relief without dangerous (or heart-stopping) side effects.

P.S. – Two drops could be all it takes to soothe your pain WITHOUT risking your heart. Joint pain…muscle aches…bumps and bruises…all relieved on contact! Click here to learn more from our friends and affiliates at NorthStar Nutritionals.


How did Vioxx debacle happen?: (www.usatoday.com)

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Figuring out dosages for vitamins and supplements

Decoding dosages

Q: I really want to try the natural approaches you recommend, but sometimes you don’t tell us how much to take. How do I know what the right dosages of all the vitamins and supplements you talk about should be?

Dr. Wright: I can understand your frustration, but there are some important reasons that the eTips and the articles featured in Nutrition & Healing don’t always include the dosage information used in various studies.

First, when learning of the nutritional benefits of certain supplements or foods, our natural inclination is to want to try them. But there are stark differences between studies in animals and studies in humans–and what is an effective generous dose for a rat may not correlate to a human’s needs.

In addition, different people may need different amounts of the same nutrient to achieve the desired effects. It’s often impossible to give an amount that would be correct for both a 200-pound male and a 115-pound female, not to mention everyone in between. Even when we do mention dosage amounts, I always recommend that you work with your doctor or an expert in nutritional supplementation so that your program can be tailored to your specific needs. That is the healthiest way to approach any nutrition or supplementation program.

More than 192,000 people recently learned about…
Type II diabetes wiped out by the “spice miracle”
The FDA’s plan to regulate cherry pie!?
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Fish oil supplements are a good source of omega 3 fatty acids

Best bet for fatty acids

Q: I know you strongly recommend taking fish oil, but I haven’t seen you discuss the EPA/DHA supplements taken by many of us. Don’t these supplements concentrate the omega 3s and eliminate the need for fish oil?

Dr. Wright: You’re definitely right that EPA/DHA capsules do offer a concentrated dose of essential omega-3 fatty acids. And these supplements can help reduce the total volume of fish oil you might take. But I still think it’s best to continue to take at least a small quantity of fish oil or eat two to three servings of whole oily fish, like salmon or mackerel, each week along with those capsules of EPA/DHA.

Don’t forget that many nutrients come in “complexes” with other nutrients. Examples include tocopherols, carotenoids, and the B-complex. There are other omega-3 fatty acids and probably other useful nutrients in whole fish oil that you can’t get in EPA/DHA capsules alone. That’s why it’s a good idea to use some of “the whole thing” along with extra amounts of certain fractions (like EPA/DHA) to get the most health benefit.

Moreover, physicians generally recommend nutritional supplements only in the cases of acute deficiency, forced deficiency due to the inability of consuming certain food items or insufficient diet. Natural sources of vitamins and minerals are always the best choice compared to artificial supplements, even if from an organic source and there is no second opinion on that. Therefore, when you are completely ok with consuming fish oil (it forms the staple food in many places), you need not spend extra money on industrial products of fish oil.  

You become freed of taking not only the 3- omegas, but several other minerals and vitamins also, in addition to calcium and Vitamin D. If we symbolically say, anyone of us would prefer to use Quantum Code with more number of assets and currencies than a robot specialized for only one currency. Still, you can take these supplements if you are pretty sure that your body gets ample quantities of other nutrients. Sometimes, these nutrients might be reaching your body through natural sources, but either your body might not be able to absorb that form or the amount might not be sufficient. In this case, capsules would be the ideal take for you. 

More than 192,000 people recently learned about…
Type II diabetes wiped out by the “spice miracle”
The FDA’s plan to regulate cherry pie!?
The Mustard Effect that makes cancers vanish

15 immune boosters you need to know about

Q: Several recent eTips have talked about building a healthy immune system to help prevent and fight off infections like pneumonia. Can you tell me what supplements are best for immune-boosting purposes?

Dr. Wright: It’s been quite a few years since I’ve gone down the list of simple and effective immune boosters (since April 2001, actually), so here are some of the highlights.

Sugar. Eliminate it from your diet!
Allergies. Since infections often have an allergic “trigger,” you should consider allergy elimination or desensitization.
Mushrooms. The principal active ingredients in maitake and shiitake mushrooms are polysaccharides that are known to improve the body’s germ-fighting abilities.
Aloe vera. This plant’s active ingredients also contain immune- stimulating polysaccharides. Try taking 50 to 100 mg daily of aloe-leaf concentrate containing 1 percent or more acemannan.
Beta-glucan. Adults should take 50 to 100 mg daily.
Garlic. Fresh, raw garlic has a broad spectrum of antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral effects. Eat one garlic clove daily (about 4 grams), or take a garlic supplement that contains at least 10 mg of alliin.
Multivitamin-mineral. Use everyday as research has shown that it can reduce overall illness, including infection-especially once you’re over 60. Since research has the backings and findings of several experts, one should certainly follow the suggestions with utmost sincerity. This is not only true with your physical wellness but also true with your financial wellness, where going by the expert ways can prove beneficial to you and to your economy!
One such expert suggestions for boosting the financial wellness is the HB Swiss, that can help you undertake the profitable forex trading actions without any complications. As the underlying technology is capable of caretaking everything related to the profitable forex trading means, the result is the solution is extremely friendly even for the beginners!

Vitamin A. Adults can take 15,000 to 25,000 IU daily. Children can take 5,000 to 10,000 IU daily. (And pregnant women should always check with their doctors first.)
Zinc. Adults and teens can take 30 mg of zinc (picolinate or citrate) daily. Children 2 years old and up can take 15 mg daily.
Vitamin E. Take 400 IU as mixed tocopherols daily for adults, and 50 to 400 IU daily for children.
Vitamin C. Adults should take 1 gram (1,000 mg) two or three times a day, and children should take a minimum of 20 mg per pound of body weight.
Echinacea. Take 300 to 600 mg daily of an Echinacea preparation containing 3.5 percent echinacoside.
Astragalus, Andrographus, and Picrorrhiza. Take 2 to 6 g of dried Astragalus root or dried Andrographus daily. Take 500 mg to 2 g daily of Picrorrhiza.

Pfizer ends kids’ Celebrex study

Dangerous drug gets free pass for kids

Picture this:

You’re the maker of a blockbuster painkiller. Sales are soaring ($2.5 billion in 2011); you’re on top of the world.

Never mind that your painkiller could increase the risk of life threatening heart problems, including heart attack and stroke–and that the risk becomes greater if you use it long term.

And forget the finding that it may seriously harm the intestines, even causing bleeding or perforation (which can be fatal and can occur without warning).

Nah–those are just details. You’re looking at the bigger picture.

That bigger picture involves widening your target to include kids. I mean, after all, kids get arthritis, too, so why should adults be the only ones reaping all the “benefits” of this top-selling drug?

And widening your pool of potential patients becomes even easier when the FDA gives you a free pass.

And this is probably the reason for why systems listed by the cybermentors have been established on the internet using the latest technology making it easy for the traders to have access to the market without a difficulty. So this way it is not just the systems but also the traders who have been greatly benefitted in all ways. 

Of course, Celebrex was approved for use in children back in 2006 (around the same time it was suggested that long-term heart problems could come from use of the drug–lovely). The advisory panel that recommended approval also expressed concern that chronic use could introduce health risks. But in the “shoot first, ask questions later” world of drug approvals and the FDA, Pfizer didn’t have to conduct a safety trial until after the drug was approved.

In a ridiculous twist, though, the FDA has released Pfizer from having to conduct the trial. So of course they’ve shut it down. Quit while you’re ahead, right? Wouldn’t want to uncover any problems with your cash cow.

Of course, there was another reason for the cancellation of the trial. It’s kind of hard to get parents to sign their kids up as guinea pigs. No matter–Pfizer has gotten what they want–a seemingly magical assurance that their drug is safe. In the short period during which the study was active, they didn’t see any major adverse effects, so why keep pushing for long-term results? They looked into their crystal ball and said they didn’t expect to see any “clinically meaningful” results regarding adverse effects.

Maybe I’m missing something here, but isn’t that sort of the point of a long-term study? Especially when advisors on an FDA panel have come right out and said they worry about long-term effects of a drug’s use?

Besides, I’d like to think that drug execs have some semblance of concern for patients–especially kids. Wouldn’t they rest easier if they had REAL proof that their drug is safe for long-term use, instead of just speculation?

But in the money-grubbing world that is the pharmaceutical industry, that’s asking a lot. And meanwhile, only time will tell what’s in store for kids who end up on an under-tested drug for pain management.

“Pfizer Calls Early End To Celebrex Safety Study In Children,” Fox Business (foxbusiness.com)

“Celebrex Information,” Drugs.com (drugs.com)

More than 192,000 people recently learned about…
Type II diabetes wiped out by the “spice miracle”
The FDA’s plan to regulate cherry pie!?
The Mustard Effect that makes cancers vanish