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Fish oil for major breast-cancer risk reduction?

Breast cancer risk slashed by 32%

What substance can reduce breast cancer by almost one third?

Is it some new Big Pharma drug, developed for years in a pristine lab, marketed to cover up a long-list of horrible side effects?

Is it an exotic plant, harvested from the depths of the rainforest? One that will be broken down and synthesized to be sold at a premium?

Nope. It’s something far more common. And far safer than the mainstream could offer up.

And it looks like they have a bit of a problem with that.

Research published in the July issue of Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention shows that postmenopausal women who take…get this…fish oil supplements may reduce their risk of the most common type of breast cancer (invasive ductal breast cancer) by a whopping 32 percent.

It’s the first study to show such a link, and researchers think the power of fish oil against breast cancer probably has to do with the anti-inflammatory properties of the supplement.

Pretty amazing, right? That something so simple — and so accessible — could have such great effect.

Well, not so fast there!

A representative of the American Cancer Society had this to say about what I think is a pretty incredible discovery: “[it] could be due to chance.”

Chance! How many times have you heard that word uttered after a study showing a Big Pharma drug performs one miracle or another? If you ask me, this is pretty clear evidence that the fish oil discovery has the mainstream feeling a wee bit uncomfortable.

They can’t stand by this “chance” line for long. If more research is conducted, and if that research supports these findings, it would be a crime to keep the results from women.

The truth will come out.

Overall, it’s been a good couple of weeks for fish oil, hasn’t it? Last week, I wrote about its potential benefits for people suffering from depression (“Something’s fishy — and that’s a good thing,” 7/12/10), and now this. Of course, we’ve been discussing the great stuff fish oil can do for much longer than two weeks — check it out by searching the archive at

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