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Wiping out toenail fungus

Q: My toenails have been getting thick and discolored. It’s pretty embarrassing — what could it be?

Dr. Wright: It’s likely toenail fungus. There are over-the-counter drugs as well as prescriptions that can clear up the problem, but they can adversely affect liver function. Instead, try rubbing in oregano oil, geranium oil, or tea tree oil, all over and around the toenail. Then immediately rub in DMSO, which will carry the oil right through the nail and start inhibiting the fungus. It does take a while to clear up toenail fungus with this method — sometimes eight or nine months or more. It’ll even take three to four months before you start seeing any results. But most of the drugs take that long too, and this is a much safer alternative.

Oregano oil is too strong for some people, especially blonds and redheads. If you start getting persistently red and irritated, quit until the reaction goes away and then switch to one of the other oils.