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Iodine could relieve fibrocystic breast disease and ovarian cysts

Just eight drops a day for sweet relief

Q: Is there anything I can do to get rid of my fibrocystic breast disease and ovarian cysts?

Dr. Wright: I generally recommend a formula made up of iodide and potassium, called SSKI, for fibrocystic breasts and ovarian cysts. Eight drops in a glass of water daily usually works in a matter of just two to five months. There’s one important thing you need to remember though: High doses of iodine or iodide can sometimes reduce thyroid function.

Fortunately, the thyroid gland is very resilient and almost always completely recovers once you stop taking the iodide or iodine. I’ve hardly ever seen this happen in women using SSKI for the problems you’re having, but it’s still best to have your thyroid function checked periodically whenever you’re using it — just to be on the safe side. SSKI (potassium iodide) is available from compounding pharmacies.