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How to stop the latest attack on our health freedom

We have 11 days to save our health freedom

You walk into the drugstore to replenish your supply of vitamins. Nothing fancy or unusual–some vitamin C, a bottle of vitamin D, some zinc.

Only when you get there, the shelves are bare. Hanging over them is a hastily scrawled sign reading, “No Vitamins Here.”

“Well, that’s strange,” you think, and head to the grocery store a couple of blocks away.

There, it’s the same scene–the shelves are wiped clean. Nearby, a teenage boy stocks chips on a shelf as if nothing is amiss.

Is it a nightmare? No–it’s a vision of our future.

Or at least it could be, if we don’t do something in the next 11 days. Because our health freedom is being hit with a double-whammy attack.

First, Senator Durbin introduced a bill giving the FDA the power to ban supplements–any supplement, for any reason–without any evidence whatsoever that those supplements pose any risk. If this bill passes, the FDA could pull anything off the shelf essentially on what amounts to a whim.

(Or, you know, if they got a “tip” that a certain supplement might threaten the bottom line of a blockbuster drug. Pure speculation on my point–but would you put it past Big Pharma?)

At the same time, the FDA has crafted regulatory guidelines that would make it nearly impossible for new, innovative supplements to reach the shelves by turning a notification system into a new pre-approval system. These regulations could also jeopardize our access to all supplements created or altered since 1994.

Yes, that means every single one.

That resveratrol you’re taking for your heart…gone. The mushroom extract you’re using to combat cancer suddenly $500 a pop…that is when, and if, it ever breaks through the new system.

The barriers these regulations will set up will make supplement manufacturing increasingly more difficult and expensive. Your bill at the natural pharmacy could skyrocket–or you could find that your favorite manufacturers decide it’s simply too costly to keep producing certain products.

We all know what the FDA thinks of supplements. Do you think they’re really going to keep themselves in check after they’re given unlimited power to pull them out of our hands?

Dr. Wright isn’t going to stand by and let this happen, and neither should you. We CAN stop this.

He’s urging all of us to visit the Alliance for Natural Health’s website for more information and to send comments to our Senators and Representatives using a sample letter.

If you prefer, you can directly write, call, or email you Congressional representatives opposing the new draft guidance.

You can also leave a comment for the FDA opposing the new guidelines at: NDI Notifications — Leave A Comment. You have until December 2 to leave a comment.

There are only 11 days left to take action. You CAN make a difference. Will you help us stop the FDA from robbing us of our choice for natural health and well being?