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How healthy bowel flora beats ulcerative colitis

An army of flora

Q: Are there any natural treatments for ulcerative colitis?

Dr. Wright: There is strong evidence linking ulcerative colitis to the nature and quantity of your gut flora. In fact, it is now recognized that in ulcerative colitis the immune system attacks the gut microflora, as opposed to the gut itself. This means that it is not strictly an autoimmune disease as such, because autoimmune diseases attack the body’s own tissues. Basically, the gut inflammation in ulcerative colitis is “collateral damage.”

Having healthy bowel flora will decrease your chances of stimulating an attack from the immune system. You can promote healthy bowel flora by reducing your intake of processed foods, by keeping fat and protein to a minimum, and by taking in lots of natural fiber and raw, organic fruits and vegetables. Also, refer back to Kerry Bone’s article “Uncover and correct the hidden cause of mysterious, undiagnosed illness with herbal ‘weed killers’ and ‘fertilizer'” in the October 2002 issue of Nutrition & Healing for details on an herbal protocol for improving bowel flora.

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