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Which vitamins are best?

Are some vitamins “unrecognizable”?

Q: Is it true that the body only recognizes vitamins made from natural sources?

Dr. Wright: The body recognizes just about any substance you put into it. The real question is what’s best for you.

Ideally, I would tell you to take vitamin supplements and other nutrients concentrated only from natural sources. Vitamins (and minerals) in nature are almost always found in conjunction with other vitamins, minerals, and metabolic co-factors — vitamin C with a variety of flavonoids, for example. Since there’s considerable “unity in nature,” if vitamins are found with other nutrients in their natural form, it’s very likely that they all work together in your body.

But unfortunately, our world is far from ideal, so, while the naturally concentrated forms of vitamins might be the best option, you shouldn’t totally avoid synthetics. In many instances, they’re the only sources of the higher doses your body may sometimes need.