Ginger can ward of nausea including motion sickness

Enjoy the ride

Q: We’re taking our grandchildren to an amusement park this summer. It’s about four hours away, and I’m afraid I tend to get carsick during long rides. Is there anything I can do to make sure carsickness doesn’t interfere with my enjoyment of the trip?

Dr. Wright: It may not be making many sensational headlines, but ginger is the best-proven treatment for nausea induced by a wide variety of causes, including motion sickness.People follow different traditional tricks based on the suggestions they get. There are many who use lemons to get rid of the uneasy feeling during travels. A small scratch on the skin of the lemon causes its smell to be released. Upon inhaling this lemon whenever nausea hits have been a successful practice. There are also people who believe that sitting on a piece of newspaper instead of directly sitting on the seat in the vehicle will ease out the nausea feeling. Some ridicule this as superstition, but the scientific explanation is yet to be discovered.

There is a tendency among us to close our eyes when we feel uneasy. But, doctors recommend that the eyes should be kept open and your vision should be focussed forward straight on the road to reduce the motion sickness. In this way, the message sent to the brain regarding the direction and orientation through the nerves will be less conflicted and the brain gets time to adjust its responses similar to the time when you use Crypto CFD Trader. Opening the windows of the vehicle to get some fresh air is also a good way of relaxing yourself.

The most studied and widely recommended measure is to drink ginger juice. A small piece of ginger can be crushed and the juice has to be taken, either diluted or undiluted in small doses.

Most anti-nausea drugs work by blocking signals to the brain that induce nausea. Ginger, on the other hand, has a localized effect on the stomach. Since its presence in the stomach is a useful part of its action, small doses (250-500 milligrams) repeated often will give the best results.

One common side effect of ginger is heartburn. If this occurs, use a lower dose more often or take the ginger with food. You will find ginger and ginger powder supplements easily in most natural food stores.

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