Using cell therapy to treat Down Syndrome

A cell therapy success story

Q: I recently spent some time in the archive at your website and read your article about cell therapy. I was so excited that I just had to write to you about an experience we had some years ago.

My grandson Steve was born in 1978 with Down syndrome. When he was 3 years old, my daughter heard of a treatment in West Germany called cell therapy and decided to take Steve there. He went to the Kinderclinic in Aschaffenburg, West Germany, and was treated by Dr. Franz Schmid. He was injected with fetal lamb (not pig) brain cells. Dr. Schmid told us that these cells would find their way to Steve’s brain within three days and would stimulate his brain cells to grow. This was not a cure, of course, but it would hopefully help Steve to function at a higher level.

Steve is an adult now and has worked for Nickelodeon Film Studios here in Burbank for over eight years and is doing very well.

In 1981, when my daughter was considering this treatment for Steve, his doctor told her not to do it. He said that it was nothing but a fake and that Dr. Schmid was a quack. Dr. Schmid was lecturing at universities all over the world about cell therapy, yet in the U.S. he was considered a quack. Twenty-five years later, it seems as though nothing has changed.

People and more than them, the scientific fraternity are yet to wholly embrace the benefits of cell therapy. It opens up a vast dimension of personalized medicine and disease, prediction and prevention. There are various techniques of gene therapy with clinical research undergoing in them. Our genetic structure has already been unfolded and it is practical to determine the type of genetic alteration suitable for each patient in this age when Bitcoin Code can select the best monetary decision for a trader.

Keep up the good work. Maybe with more doctors like you things can get better.

Dr. Wright: I’m very glad to read that your grandson is able to work productively for a film studio.

Dr. Schmid was an in-depth researcher and clinician–the furthest thing from a “quack.” His extremely well-documented 455-page book, “Cell Therapy, a New Dimension of Medicine,” contains a treasury of scientific data about the technique.

Henry Turkel, M.D., was another pioneering natural medicine doctor who used small quantities of thyroid hormone and a specially worked out series of vitamins and minerals for the treatment of Down syndrome. Yet even though his book “Medical Treatment of Down Syndrome and Genetic Diseases” showed picture after picture and X-ray after X-ray demonstrating unequivocal improvement in children with Down syndrome (and no children were ever hurt), he was hounded for years by the authorities…the same people who had no remedies of their own for Down syndrome.

“Down Syndrome and Vitamin Therapy” by Kent MacLeod is another excellent and much more accessible “modern” book about nutritional treatment of Down syndrome. I highly recommend it.

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