Spray on sunscreen is flammable and may lead to burns

Isn’t sunscreen supposed to prevent burns?

Sunscreen is supposed to prevent burns, but one Massachusetts man says he recently learned that the opposite can be true. In a terrifying incident involving spray-on sunscreen, he suffered second-degree burns.

The man was getting ready to grill some food on his deck when he claims he decided to take what he thought was a sensible step and slather on some sunblock. He sprayed on some Banana Boat spray-on aerosol sunscreen, rubbed it in, and walked over to the grill.

When he started moving charcoal, though, flames immediately licked up his arm. He reports it then spread to all of the places he’d applied–and rubbed in–the sunscreen.

Obviously, there’s a reason aerosol products warn against using them around open flame. But that’s not exactly what happened here. He wasn’t spraying it into the grill and the product was rubbed in.Some videos and caution messages are spreading through the media now regarding how dangerous aerosols and sprays are. You spray some deodorant or mosquito killing aerosol near the cooking stove. Heavy flames immediately rise up, sometimes proceeded by blasts.

He wasn’t probably aware of any of this and the sunscreen manufacturing company also didn’t give any such precautionary warnings. Some kind of message would have made him conscious like we get before trying to play with our Bitcoin Code.

The label warnings don’t mention this risk. The man doesn’t plan to sue. He just wants other people to know about this potential summertime hazard.

The convenience of spray-on products means there are countless moms chasing down their kids at weekend cookouts. Applying it away from flames and rubbing in the product doesn’t necessarily mean those kids are safe to go roast their marshmallows.

Of course, the danger of fire isn’t the only reason to avoid sunscreen. A couple of years ago, I told you about how only 39 of the 500 sunscreen products that were on the market at the time were truly safe. The rest could actually speed up cancer development.

Using sunscreen also denies you the essential benefits of the sun. Get the vitamin D you need by ditching the sunscreen and taking a sun-sensible approach: Step into the shade once your skin starts to get a little pink.

P.S. Interested in vitamins and supplements but not sure of the right dosage? Keep reading.

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