Chemotherapy can cause resistance that allows cancer to thrive

Is your chemo helping the CANCER?

Mainstreamers believe that chemotherapy and radiation are the only options when it comes to fighting cancer. Tell them you’ve chosen a more natural alternative path, and the reactions will range from pity to outright scorn.

But this cancer shocker might change their tune.

A new study in the journal Nature Medicine reveals that chemotherapy might actually help your cancer more than it’s helping you.

That’s right—the “gold standard” of mainstream cancer treatment could actually be making cancer stronger by causing healthy cells to produce more of a protein that helps cancer resist treatment. Thirty times more than normal, in fact.

This protein, called WNT 16B, is like Miracle-Gro for cancer cells. It fortifies them to grow and invade the tissue around them. At the same time, it makes them resistant to chemotherapy.

And then, when people end up with secondary cancers, the treatment doesn’t do the trick.

And this resistance isn’t just a rare occurrence. It eventually develops in about 90 percent of patients with solid cancers that spread (those include breast, prostate, lung, and colon cancer). Up until now, scientists have been puzzled why. But these findings shed some pretty disturbing light on the matter: Our weapons are strengthening the enemy.

We’ve always known that chemotherapy leaves patients’ bodies ravaged. It harms healthy cells right along with the cancer cells. This has always been seen as a necessary evil. But the fact that chemo is actually turning our own healthy cells against us should finally be the wakeup call we need to start giving natural options the respect they deserve.

Notice I said should. Sadly “experts” are already saying the next step is to find a way to block the effect. Yes, their “solution” is to add yet one more drug into the mix. Never mind the fact that Mother Nature has so many amazing options to offer.

Well, that’s just not good enough. Not when there are safe (and amazingly simple) cancer fighters like iodine for breast cancer, propolis for prostate cancer, and grape seed extract that have the power to target cancer cells while leaving healthy cells intact.

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