Painkiller diclofenac could be as deadly as Vioxx

Are we about to experience Vioxx the sequel?

When the deadly painkiller Vioxx first hit the American market in 1999, it was heralded as a medical breakthrough for people suffering with arthritis pain. Celebrities like Bruce Jenner lined up — albeit for some hefty compensation — to sing its praises.

But a few years later, we discovered what we really had on our hands — death in a bottle.

Before Vioxx was finally pulled off the market in 2004, it was linked to more than 27,000 heart attacks or sudden cardiac deaths in the United States. And now, it turns out that we may not have seen the last of these potentially deadly, heart-stopping drugs. Because we may just have “Vioxx the Sequel” on our hands — and it could be just as gruesome as the original.

According to new research in PLoS Medicine, diclofenac — a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) used under different names around the world — is quickly becoming just as famous as its Vioxx counterpart for all the same bad reasons.

Dr. David Henry of the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Services reports that people taking diclofenac had a 40% higher risk of suffering a cardiovascular problem such as a heart attack, than people not taking NSAIDs .

That’s nearly identical to the risk that got Vioxx pulled off the shelves — but unlike Vioxx Big Pharma continues to peddle diclofenac around the world.

If you’ve been prescribed diclofenac, it’s time to see you doctor — fast. Ask about safe, natural remedies like fish oil that have been proven to offer arthritis relief without dangerous (or heart-stopping) side effects.

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