Physical therapy better option than surgery for knee arthritis, pain

Lasting relief for knee pain without surgery

There’s an old saying that you’re only as old as you feel, but nothing will make you feel older than a creaky, cranky knee. As we get a little longer in the tooth, our knees stop gliding like ducks on a pond, and start moving more like a rusty screen door with a loose hinge.

Knee pain can put a real damper on your quality of life, making even the most basic tasks a real chore. But limp your way into a typical mainstream doctor’s office, and you’re sure to hear the sickening sound of scalpels being sharpened.

Well, no more, friend. Because new research from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention could have you pain-free again without facing the risk and long recovery of knee surgery.

Sounds good, right?

Here’s the deal. CDC researchers analyzed more than 350 patients with achy knees — these folks had knee pain, arthritis, and even fairly serious meniscal tears. While some of these patients opted for arthroscopic knee surgery, others agreed to a safe and side-effect-free course of physical therapy.

And guess what? A year later, there was absolutely no difference between the two groups! The patients who opted for physical therapy experienced the same dramatic improvements in mobility and pain relief as the folks who went under the knife.

The message from the study was clear. No matter what the mainstream would have you believe, painful surgery is NOT the only option…or even the best one… for relieving your knee agony.

And that’s great news, because each year more than 450,000 Americans are enduring the pain, risks, and long recovery times associated with knee surgery — and most of these folks opt for physical therapy during their recovery anyway.

Now, of course, I can’t promise that you will never need knee surgery, but why would you ever turn to invasive surgery as anything but a last resort?

If you’re suffering from arthritis, a slight tear, or cartilage damage in your knee, give physical therapy a try before you ever agree to go under the knife. You could soon be pain-free and enjoying your favorite activities again.


Therapy vs. Surgery for Torn Knee Cartilage: (

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