Vitamin D may reduce muscle pain and fatigue

Zap muscle pain and fatigue with the sunshine vitamin

There’s an exciting study out of England that could have you bouncing around the tennis courts…or the dance floor… like a teenager again!

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New research from Newcastle University has proven once and for all that vitamin D — that miracle sunshine vitamin — holds the key to keeping your muscles free of the pain and fatigue that can keep you bound to the couch instead of rolling around with the grandkids.

The study, which was just presented at the Society for Endocrinology’s annual conference, looked at muscle recovery times for a dozen patients who were suffering from vitamin D deficiency. The patients performed calf exercises before and after they had spent as many as 12 weeks receiving vitamin D supplements — and they experienced the kind of remarkable relief that only safe and natural cures can provide.

After just 2-3 months of vitamin D supplements, every single patient — that’s right ALL of them — experienced faster muscle recovery times and reported dramatic reductions in muscle fatigue. In fact, their muscles recovered almost 20 percent better than before they began their daily dose of D.

And that’s just the start, friend. As I’ve told you before, vitamin D can help control your blood sugar, ward off certain cancers, and more.

And it doesn’t have to cost you a dime! Just spend 20 minutes in the sun every day with your head and arms exposed, and you’ll keep your cells stocked with all the vitamin D you need. Of course, be sure to get your levels checked and supplement as necessary.

There’s more research on vitamin D emerging each day, and it’s all good news. Spend the next few months optimizing your vitamin D levels, and give your muscles the pep and the relief that they’ve been crying out for!

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