Brain training beats Big Pharma for warding off mental decline

Simple brain-boosting treatment leaves others in the dust

There are plenty of old sayings you should take to heart — but I have one you should take straight to your head.

In fact, if you’re getting a little gray around the temples and are serious about warding off Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and other types of mental decline, you may want to tattoo this old maxim right to your forehead.

“Use it or lose it.”

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That old adage is getting new life thanks to a new study that found that the key to keeping your brain in tip-top shape as you age is to just plain use it. You see, a research team led by a professor from the University of Toronto looked at every study they could get their hands on that measured folks’ memories and mental function as they aged.

And guess what they found? There wasn’t a drug on the market that was as effective as mental training at warding off cognitive decline. In fact, researchers couldn’t find a single study where participants received some sort of mental training and didn’t benefit.

And the advantages weren’t short-lived, either. Study participants who learned exercises to help them improve their memories or reasoning abilities were still benefiting years later. Simply teaching people how to better use their brains was enough to ward off senior moments, lost memories, and a host of other mental afflictions that haunt us as we age.

Listen, they call televisions “boob tubes” for a reason. Spend too much time in front of one, and you’ll find your mental faculties slowly slipping away.

(And for an extra brain boost there’s one B vitamin you need to know about. If you missed my recent brain-protecting advice, just click here to catch up.)

Your brain isn’t a muscle — but think of it as one. Give it regular training by reading new books, learning another language, completing puzzles, or engaging in other exercises that stretch you mentally. You might develop some healthy new interests in the short-term — and in the long-term, you may be giving your brain the workout it needs to fight back against Father Time.

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Brain work-outs may help preserve mental function: (

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