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Fish oil triggers diabetes-fighting hormone

Scientists fishing for diabetes cure hook a winner

Maybe it’s just my flair for the dramatic, but I’ve always thought when you have type 2 diabetes you have an awful lot in common with folks on death row. Namely, you spend a lot of time thinking about your last (good) meal.

For diabetics, that last meal may be the last time you enjoyed your favorite foods, like brownies or a slice of apple pie, without worrying about dizziness, fatigue, or a trip to the emergency room. If you feel like you’ve been swimming upstream in your efforts to get your blood sugar under control, a new study out of Harvard University is downright fishy — for all the right reasons.

In fact, a group of brilliant scientists may have hooked the catch of the year in their efforts to find a safe, natural solution that could help you beat back the ravages of diabetes forever.

Ready to sign up? Here are the facts.

It turns out your best weapon in the fight against diabetes isn’t rice cakes or bland, tasteless meals that will have your taste buds waving the white flag of surrender — it’s a powerful hormone called adiponectin. This hormone won’t just improve your insulin sensitivity — it’s also been linked to a lower risk of heart disease.

Researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health performed a meta-analysis of 14 clinical trials and found that a simple, regular dose of fish oil may be all it takes to boost your levels of adiponectin and get your blood sugar under control for good.

The study, set to be published in the Journal of Endocrinology & Metabolism, looked at nearly 700 people who regularly consumed fish oil supplements, and about 650 who took placebos like sunflower or olive oil. Folks who started their day with a dose of fish oil dramatically increased levels of diabetes-fighting adiponectin in their blood.

What does that mean for you? Just a spoonful — or capsule, if you prefer — of fish oil a day may be all that stands between you and a lifetime of painful injections and finger pricks. And the benefits won’t stop there. As we’ve told you before, fish oil can improve your heart health and muscle strength, and may even help you battle depression.

There’s more to diabetes than meal-time misery. It’s a devastating disease that unleashes permanent damage on your organs, especially your heart. Fish oil may give you the hormone boost you need to lower your blood sugar and keep your ticker ticking for years to come.

Start incorporating it into your daily routine, and you may just be on the hook for a longer life, healthier heart, and better blood sugar numbers than you’ve seen in years!


Fish Oil Pills Might Cut Diabetes Risk, Researchers Say: (