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Antioxidant-packed Elderberry may be world’s next super food

Have Missouri scientists discovered the next super food?

Take a ride through rural Missouri (or “Missouruh” for you natives) and you’ll soon find that you’re in the presence of royalty. That’s because from St. Louis to Springfield — and all points between — Soy is King, and Missouri farmers have been making their livings from the cash crop for years.

But a quiet revolution is happening right now all across the Show-Me State. Farmers are plowing under their corn crops and bidding sayonara to soy for good — all to plant a new crop most folks have never even tasted!

That’s because a group of brilliant University of Missouri scientists may have discovered the world’s next great super food — a powerful fruit native to Missouri that could wipe away cognitive decline and banish prostate cancer for good. And Missouri farmers can’t grow it fast enough.

The University of Missouri recently hosted the first-ever International Symposium on Elderberry, and scientists from around the world convened in Columbia to hear jaw-dropping findings about the powerful healing abilities of this tiny, nutrient-packed berry.

If elderberry jam or wine aren’t already a part of your weekly menu, it may be time to shake things up. Pound for pound, the elderberry has more antioxidants than most other fruits, and it’s packed with more vitamin C than oranges!

Study after study has shown that elderberries can support everything from your brain function to your immune system — and researchers now believe the elderberry may inhibit a dangerous biological pathway that often leads to prostate cancer.

Millions in research dollars are pouring in to study the elderberry, but you don’t need to wait. Pick up some elderberry syrup or capsules at any health food store, and you could start taking advantage of the potent antioxidant properties today.

Farmers across the Show-Me State are convinced they have the next great super food on their hands. Now it’s time to see what the powerful elderberry can do for you.

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