Meditation curbs smoking cravings up to 60%

Drug-free therapy attacks smoking addiction in 5 hours

Most smokers can tell you exactly how it feels to smoke their final cigarette — after all, they’ve done it a thousand times. Once that need for nicotine sinks its claws into you, you’re likely to quit and start back up again more times than an old lawn mower.

And along the way, you’re bound to learn the same lesson figured out by millions of smokers before you — cold turkey just doesn’t fly, and mainstream’s bag of patches and pills isn’t much better.

But if you’re ready to quit the cancer sticks for good, researchers at the University of Oregon have uncovered a safe and drug-free solution that won’t take months… weeks… or even days to kick in.

In fact, a new study proves that you may be able to curb your dangerous smoking habit by 60% in just 5 short hours!

Now, when such an uncomplicated means is available, who would love to resort to the tiring means like the drug? In fact, uncomplicated measures are appreciated everywhere, just like how the uncomplicated CFD way of trading the cryptocurrencies using the reliable Crypto CFD Trader is highly favored than the conventional means! Now, what is that easy means to overcome drug addiction?

It sounds too good to be true, but these researchers aren’t blowing smoke — and soon, if you follow their lead, you may not be either.

Researchers asked 27 cigarette smokers to spend five hours in training over two weeks learning relaxation techniques or “mindful meditation,” which promotes peaceful awareness and has been shown to fight everything from irritable bowel syndrome to the flu.

After just five hours of training, volunteers who learned relaxation techniques were still puffing away as much as ever — but the group that studied mindful meditation slashed their cigarette consumption by an unbelievable 60%! And this study wasn’t conducted on the honor system, either — researchers performed breath tests to make sure volunteers weren’t sneaking extra smokes on the side.

Even better, the meditation group was still smoking less a full four weeks after the study ended. If meditating sounds like a breath of fresh air compared to prescription pills and patches, with side effects that range from chest pains to insomnia, you can find a course, book, or online training that will show you how to try the technique yourself.

In just hours, you could be smoking that last cigarette — and this time, you’re going to mean it.

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