Life threatening drug Methotrexate pushed for knee arthritis

Big Pharma stooges push potential killer for arthritis relief

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There’s an old saying that not everyone who carries a long knife is a cook, some folks are simply looking to stab you in the back.

I have a similar one, which is not everyone who dons a white jacket and calls himself a medical researcher is concerned about your health. In fact, an awful lot of them likely don’t care whether you live or die, just as long as that next million-dollar check from Big Pharma clears.

And I bet a few of them are laughing all the way to the bank after this latest arthritis research got the green light. The Leeds Institute of Rheumatology and Musculoskeletal Science will be leading a 15-center clinical trial on using the drug methotrexate to relieve knee osteoarthritis after a pilot study found it reduced pain and discomfort by 40% in some patients.

Forty percent sounds great, right? Well, it turns out you could fertilize an entire farm with all the crap they’re slinging to promote this crazy idea.

The lead researcher — who I’m not going to name because he doesn’t deserve the publicity — said he hoped methotrexate would be a breakthrough for us poor arthritis sufferers who can’t handle the side effects of traditional drugs. He even had the nerve to say methotrexate may be the answer to your prayers if pain relievers like aspirin upset your tummy.

Well, while our medical research “friend” is busy making methotrexate sound like a peach of a drug allow me to insert a healthy dose of reality with a quote direct from the National Institutes for Health:

“Methotrexate may cause very serious, life-threatening side effects. You should only take methotrexate to treat cancer or certain other conditions that are very severe and that cannot be treated with other medications.”

Yes, this potentially life-threatening drug IS the same one these folks just compared to ASPIRIN.

Oh, but wait — there’s more. Methotrexate is so potentially dangerous that it’s been linked to liver disease, lung damage, and even cancer! As painful and uncomfortable as your knee arthritis may be, would you trade it for cancer?

Of course not. But I suspect most patients will never be given that choice. As we’ve told you before, many doctors never even bother reviewing side effects with their patients before prescribing pills.

Here’s a nickel’s worth of free advice. Tune out the Big Pharma drones and turn to safe, proven alternatives to relieve your arthritis instead. Dr. Wright recently wrote about an inexpensive supplement that could bring you fast and lasting pain relief.

And unlike the potentially deadly pill some medical researchers are trying to push, this cure really is safe — and it doesn’t make Big Pharma a red cent.


New treatment cuts crippling arthritis pain by 40 per cent: (

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