Meditation found to ease depression symptoms

Slash depression 20% without prescription drugs

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Take one look at the stats on antidepressant use in America, and you can only come to one conclusion — apparently almost everyone, except Big Pharma of course, is miserable.

One out of every 10 Americans is now taking a prescription happy pill and the drug companies are laughing all the way to the bank. Meanwhile, these side-effect laden drugs are leaving us fat, lethargic, sexless, and with bizarre nightmares that Alfred Hitchcock at his best couldn’t have dreamed up!

But if you’ve been looking to soothe your blues away without popping a dangerous pill, there’s some exciting hope on the horizon. Johns Hopkins researchers have discovered a simple, relaxing therapy that works just as well as antidepressants, without ANY of the troubling side effects.

In the new study, just published in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine, researchers analyzed anxiety and depression data on more than 3,500 patients who received training in easy-to-learn mindful meditation, which focuses on relaxation and moment-by-moment awareness.

After just 30-40 hours of training — which you could get in a short course — the patients who started meditation saw their anxiety drop by up to 10%, and their depression symptoms plummet by as much as 20%.

And here’s the best part — those are pretty much the exact same results you see from those pricey antidepressants with their mile-long list of side effects. Plus, as a bonus, lots of research shows that mindful meditation may even help ease nagging muscle and joint pain.

Finding meditation training near you is as simple as doing an internet search or checking the yellow pages. So give it a try. You have nothing to lose — except maybe those nasty prescription pills.