Statin drugs can’t improve on the benefits of fish oil

Statins and fish oil — apples and oranges

Something’s fishy here. But it’s not the fish oil.

It’s this headline: “Fish Oil Makes Statins More Effective: Study”

Seriously? That’s like saying Allied Forces on D Day helped make French children with peashooters more effective.

Please. It’s ridiculous.

Brigham and Women’s Hospital researchers tested the effect of a statin drug on the cells that line blood vessels. Then they tested the statin COMBINED with fish oil and– WHAT do you know!? — the heart healthy effects were “significantly better.”

Notice they tested the statin alone, but not the fish oil alone. No mystery there. I’m pretty sure a study like this is set up with only one goal in mind: to promote statin drugs.

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There’s a huge body of evidence, going back many years, that proves the heart health benefits of omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil. There’s no question at all about this. It’s not a theory — it’s certain.

Here’s Dr. Wright from a 2012 e-Tip: “Fish oil reduces your risk of sudden cardiac death, reduces abnormally high triglycerides, increases HDL (‘good’) cholesterol, and decreases abnormally high levels of fibrinogen (another independent cardiovascular risk factor).”

Omega-3s are called “essential” fatty acids because your body doesn’t produce them. You have to get them from dietary sources or supplements. And the “essential” part should be taken seriously. They’re absolutely essential for optimal overall health, and specifically heart and brain health.

Meanwhile, what does a statin do? It lowers your cholesterol. And that’s it. It does nothing else. And unless your LDL cholesterol is unusually high and your HDL is unusually low, you don’t need to waste one minute worrying about cholesterol.

As Dr. Wright has pointed out, nobody suffers from a statin deficiency.

Take away the statins (and all their health-robbing side effects), keep the fish oil, and your arteries will be exactly what you want them to be — in tip top health.