Obamacare is dealt a blow, but will it be enough to blow it away?

Los Federales got caught pulling a fast one

Sooner or later every bad apple reveals itself. And that’s what happened this week with that rottenest of rotten apples: Obamacare.

A federal court ruled that those who participate in federal-run health exchanges in more than 30 states aren’t eligible for tax subsidies. And without those subsidies, this “affordable” care won’t be affordable.

Friends, I’m not going to kid you, there’s a mountain of legalese to wade through in this case. But here’s what it boils down to…

A majority of states said “NO” to Obamacare by refusing to set up health exchanges and participate in expanding an already broken “sick” care system. So the IRS pulled a fast one, allowing participants in these states to qualify for billions in fed assistance.

But the court caught this cute little trick and said, “No. Way.”

One of the legal eagles who coordinated the lawsuit that led to this decision told USA Today, “This illegal rule would have cost employers crippling fines, destroyed jobs, and forced Americans to pay for insurance that they didn’t want or need.”

And there you have it. The good guys won. Well…that’s how it looked at first.

Just a few hours after that ruling, another federal court ruled in a similar case, finding that the IRS trick was just fine. No problemo!

I knew los Federales would work feverishly to get the earlier decision tossed out. But I guess when you have behind-the-scenes powerbrokers twisting arms left and right, you can run roughshod over the truth at lightning speed.

Stay tuned, friends! This battle is far from over.


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