Inflammation can be curbed with supplements, but the FDA doesn’t want you to know

FDA bullies change the rules again

In any negative write up about dietary supplements, you’ll spot some variation of this line…

“Supplements are unregulated.”

Yep. No regulation at all! It’s the wild wild West out there. Critics of alternative medicine would like you to believe that supplements are as dangerous as dynamite, so they resort to what amounts to a blatant lie.

In the REAL world, supplements are tightly regulated, of course. And the FDA appears to have no trouble at all drawing up new guidelines whenever it serves their Big Pharma benefactors. That’s how this rigged system works. It’s their ballgame, their field, their ball, so they make up the rules. And every now and then, out of nowhere — surprise! — the rules change.

For a couple of years now, FDA officials have been changing the rules for inflammation.

As I’ve mentioned before, chronic inflammation plays a role in certain diseases. But inflammation isn’t a disease. It’s a normal bodily process — an immune system tool. And yet the FDA has suddenly started treating it like a disease. They’ve sent out numerous warnings to supplement makers, ordering them to stop making claims about nutrients that “curb” or “relieve” inflammation, even though certain nutrients have been flat out PROVEN to do just that.

And I’m sure you can guess what I’m going to tell you next. Yes, coincidentally, drug makers have started developing products that are supposed to stop inflammation. Of course, they don’t want to have to deal with competition from supplements, so you’ll pardon me if I point out that this coincidence looks an awful lot like they got their puppets at the FDA to move the goal posts and shove that little competition problem aside.

What. A. Racket!

Holistic medical writer Erik Goldman wonders if a non-specific physiological process like inflammation is interpreted as a disease, what’s next from the FDA? Will congestion land in this category? How about itching? Or oxidation?

That last one is a BIG one. Imagine not being able to call vitamin C an antioxidant! (Good chance the FDA IS imagining that right now.)

The next time you come across that glaring falsehood that supplements aren’t regulated or are “lightly” regulated, you’ll know what’s really going on. Anyone who makes that ridiculous claim is trying to drag you down the Big Pharma garden path.


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