Pistachios might improve insulin response and heart health

Dodge two of your worst diabetes symptoms with a common nut

Diabetics new best friend comes hidden inside a hard shell: the humble pistachio.

This tasty little green nut could change a diabetic’s life — no kidding.

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In December 2013 I told you about a new study from the National Diabetes, Obesity and Cholesterol Foundation in India. Researchers assigned identical diets to 500 volunteers who’d been diagnosed as pre-diabetic. Half the group got to enjoy a handful of pistachios every day (around 200 calories).

Their daily snack appeared to make a big difference. Those in the pistachio group lost more weight, shed more belly fat, and had a better insulin response than subjects who didn’t get the daily treat. (You can go here to discover more details.)

Now, that’s not exactly earth shaking. But add in the results of another new study and things get a LOT more interesting.

This study — just published in the Journal of the American Heart Association — was designed much like the Indian study. Two groups of diabetics followed the same diet. But one group added two pistachio snacks per day (about 150 nuts, total).

After one month, researchers gave each volunteer two stress tests (one physical, one mental) and measured blood pressure. Blood vessels of those on the pistachio diet turned out to be significantly more relaxed. Vascular constriction was reduced and neural control of the heart improved.

Hopefully there’s more diabetes/pistachio research in the pipeline. But while we wait for that, no need to put off making pistachios a daily snack. These small wonders are packed with B vitamins and important minerals such as potassium. They’ve also got plenty of fiber, but few calories.

Not too shabby for a tiny little green nut!