COPD drugs can be ridiculously dangerous and potentially fatal

These drugs could take your breath away — literally!

The newest FDA-approved patent drug disaster to slither onto the scene comes complete with a black box warning: Striverdi Respimat for COPD.

When a drug hits the market for the first time and it already has a black box warning, that’s a pretty clear red flag that it’s as user friendly as a nest of vipers.

But in trading you do not always receive such warnings easily. Especially if you are looking to begin your trading with a trading bot then you definitely should look for potential red flags. There are many trusted bots like Bitcoin Trader but there are equal number of scams as well.  

In the FDA’s approval announcement for Striverdi Respimat they call the warning a “boxed” warning. That’s cute. It sounds kind of casual. There’s a warning. We boxed it. No biggie.

I guess they’re trying to avoid the old term “black box.” They probably think it sounds too negative. Like a “bad guy” wearing a black hat. Because gee, we wouldn’t want to give anyone the impression that this drug might come with a nasty bite.

But that ship has sailed…

Striverdi Respimat is in a class of drugs called LABAs. And all LABAs carry this black box warning: They can increase risk of asthma-related death. And as if that’s not chilling enough, two of Striverdi Respimat’s most common adverse effects are upper respiratory tract infection and bronchitis.

And this is a drug that’s supposed to help bronchitis and emphysema patients breathe easier!

This scary new COPD med is made by Boehringer Ingelheim. And coincidentally, just a few years ago, we sent you an e-Tip with a warning about another Boehringer Ingelheim COPD drug called Atrovent. At the time, a new study had just found that Atrovent might increase risk of heart attack and heart failure.

Plus, one of Atrovent’s common side effects is bronchitis! And it can also cause “COPD exacerbations” — which is kind of like slapping an aspirin bottle with a warning that it might cause migraines.

All these wild red flags are enough to make a COPD patient run and hide under a rock. And who could blame them? But Dr. Wright might be able to coax them out with his time-tested COPD treatment — which has no warnings, boxed or otherwise.

Dr. Wright’s regimen starts with a 120-200 mg dose of nebulized glutathione, inhaled twice daily. He says the only adverse reaction he’s ever heard of was with a chemically sensitive patient who developed an allergy to it.

In addition, Dr. Wright has several more supplement recommendations for COPD treatment. You’ll discover all the details, including dosages, at this link.

And in case you missed it, go here to catch up on the story of a flute that no COPD patient should be without. That’s right…a flute. Asthma patients can use it too!


FDA approves Striverdi Respimat to treat chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

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