Ebola can’t be treated with drugs, but a nutritional intervention can work

How do you stop Ebola dead in its tracks?

Have you come down with Ebola mania?

I don’t mean actual Ebola, of course. I mean are you suffering from the FEAR of an Ebola pandemic wiping out millions worldwide?

If those designed-to-shock Ebola headlines have you feeling jumpy, let me ease your worries. You have a better chance of scoring the winning touchdown in the Super Bowl than of picking up the Ebola virus. So there’s no cause for concern for you or your family.

Even so, the mainstream medical crowd can’t help but ratchet up the fear factor. Read any article in the mainstream press and the chatter is the same: No drug! No vaccine! No treatment! No cure!

But as usual, these guys simply haven’t done their homework.

There IS a treatment that can cure Ebola. It’s intravenous vitamin C, also known as IVC or IAA (intravenous ascorbic acid).

Robert Cathcart, M.D., is one of the pioneers of IVC. He’s used IVC to treat thousands of patients with a wide variety of health issues. On his website, he explains that the most serious infectious diseases quickly exhaust all the body’s vitamin C. This causes acute scurvy. So it’s no coincidence that the primary symptoms of Ebola parallel scurvy symptoms: appetite loss, fever, and diarrhea. Then free radicals rage out of control until hemorrhaging causes death.

If Ebola is caught early, Dr. Cathcart says that “at least” 180 grams of IVC every 24 hours will eventually control symptoms, bring down fever, and the patient will survive to tell the tale.

No need for a vaccine. No need for drugs.

In fact, IVC can trounce ALL bacterial and viral infections — including the so-called “superbugs” that antibiotic drugs can’t touch anymore. But the medical establishment has turned its back on this remarkable treatment simply because it’s not a drug.

This is nothing new, of course. Dr. Wright has revealed countless nutritional solutions that work wonders compared to drugs. Yet he’s forced to spend has to his days wondering if the FDA is about to burst through his clinic doors, guns drawn — again! (Yes, this actually happened. Read the complete blow-by-blow at this link.)

The powers-that-be are locked into Big Pharma’s version of “care” at the expense of effectively treating patients. And, tragically, people are paying the ultimate price.

If Ebola should somehow find a foothold here in our homeland, you’ll know what to do. Find a holistic doctor to prescribe IVC — the most effective viral buster that money can buy.


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