Tamiflu is a lame flu fighter, but is still touted as a champ

Study: Majority of positive Tamiflu reviews penned by Big Pharma shills

You’re sick as a dog with the flu, and your doctor offers you a prescription for something he says will help you get better. Who could blame you if you jumped for it? Anything to shake off that horrible sick feeling.

That’s how millions of folks get fooled into downing doses of close-to-useless Tamiflu every year.

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Your doc will swear Tamiflu can shorten your flu, reduce complication risks like hospitalizations and pneumonia, and it might even keep you from spreading the bug to others.

Sounds fantastic, doesn’t it? Too bad it’s a big old bucket of hogwash.

Of course you already know the ugly truth about Tamiflu — after all we’ve been warning you for YEARS now that the drug is a dud. And you were listening when we cautioned readers to be prepared for the hard sell when governments around the world dumped a staggering 6.9 billion bucks into stockpiling this risky drug for a pandemic that never happened.

But now, a new study out of Australia is giving Tamiflu yet one more well-deserved kick in the shins.

When researchers looked at 26 reviews of the antiviral drugs Tamiflu and Relenza they found that a staggering 80 percent of the reviews written by shills with financial ties to drug companies were glowing reports. While only a measly 17 percent of the truly independent reviewers — those who WEREN’T getting their palms greased by Big Pharma somewhere along the line — were positive.

Proving, once again, the incredible power of some well-placed bucks.

But as eye-opening as those numbers are, this study really couldn’t have gone any other way. When the independent Cochrane Collaboration crunched the numbers last May they delivered the definitive final blow to this practically useless drug with their real deal analysis of Tamiflu trials.

Their verdict: Tamiflu shortens flu symptoms by less than a day. Period. And that’s IT.

Tamiflu doesn’t keep you out of the hospital. It doesn’t prevent pneumonia. It doesn’t even help protect others from the flu. And as for “easing” symptoms — well, it fails miserably there too according to the researchers at Cochrane.

Heck, the Cochrane report linked Tamiflu use with nausea and vomiting! Not exactly what you’d call the best solution for easing a bout of flu-induced nausea and vomiting is it?

So if your doctor tries to sell you on swallowing a dose of this junk, bad as you might feel, don’t bite. You could slice a few hours off your illness — but you also might end up feeling like you still have the flu.

Try natural Cold-fX instead. Unlike Tamiflu, it’s been proven to be an effective treatment AND preventive, and Dr. Wright has recommended it for years.


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