Can you erase metabolic syndrome with probiotics?

Can ONE supplement erase metabolic disease risk?

If you could get a peek at what’s happening to the cells inside your gut right now, you’d swear you have a front row seat to a sci-fi battle even Hollywood couldn’t have dreamed up.

Teams of harmful bacteria are constantly ambushing intestinal cells, trying to shove your good, healthy bacteria into the background.

And this battle goes on all day… every day… from your first breath to your last.

Well, looks like the scenario is only a common thing, as even in the automated forex trading world the negative things like the scams try to overpower or shield the benefits of the reliable ones like the HB Swiss but in end only the truth triumphs! So, is it the same situation with this bacteria thing? Let’s see!

The stakes are huge. When the harmful, unhealthy bacteria take over your gut, you’re well on your way to metabolic syndrome, diabetes, and… eventually… even death.

Ready for some good news? Defeating harmful gut bacteria and preventing disease couldn’t be easier — just make probiotic supplements part of your daily routine.

We’ve already seen evidence that probiotic supplements can help you lose weight, especially around the belly. And that’s good news, because cutting back on that belly fat is a perfect first step to reducing metabolic syndrome risk.

Metabolic syndrome is that combo package of risk factors that starts to crop up for many of us in middle age. Obesity (especially belly fat), low HDL, high triglycerides, high blood pressure and insulin resistance are all part of the unwelcome package. And all these raise your risk for type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

But a new study from Cornell and Georgia State confirms that probiotics might give you a major assist in slipping out of that risky web.

You see, when harmful bacteria multiply in your gut, they attach to vulnerable cells on the inner lining of your intestines. There they start cooking up inflammation, triggering disorders like ulcerative colitis, and increasing your risk for metabolic syndrome.

And just like a toppling set of dominos that first step eventually leads all the way to diabetes… and maybe even the morgue.

But a simple probiotic supplement can restore order in your gut in a hurry.

You’ll find probiotics in yogurt that contains live bacteria such as acidophilus and lactobacillius. But that just gets you started if you’re aiming for prevention or treatment of metabolic problems.

For the heavy lifting, look for a probiotic supplement with living cultures that are measured in billions of colony-forming units (CFU). And you can boost the effort with an FOS supplement. FOS is an indigestible carbohydrate that won’t affect your blood sugar levels, but will nourish your good bacteria and help it get reestablished.

You can also help the cause with berberine — a powerful type 2 diabetes-fighter which Dr. Wright highly recommends. And it just happens to support good bacteria to boot by fighting off the worst of the bad guys that would set you on the path towards poor health.


Intestinal Epithelial Cell Toll-like Receptor 5 Regulates the Intestinal Microbiota to Prevent Low-Grade Inflammation and Metabolic Syndrome in Mice

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