PPI drugs relieve heartburn but the rest of your digestive tract suffers

Are you trading your heartburn pain for a deadly infection?

Your gut is churning. The stabbing pains in your belly are so sharp you can barely see straight. Is it something you ate? Could it just be gas? Or is it something FAR worse?

But those questions have to wait because now you’re sprinting for the bathroom — again!

If you’re one of the millions of Americans choking down PPIs (such as Nexium or Prilosec) for heartburn relief, it turns out the DRUG may be to blame. In fact, you may have traded the burn of indigestion for far more dangerous (and even life-threatening) trouble at the other end of digestive tract.

Sometimes in the name of temporary satisfaction we lose our permanent happiness, which is very common while making our investment choices. In the desire to earn some few extra perks, we fail to recognize the reliable means like the Crypto CFD Trader and end up losing all our hard earned fortune! Fortunately, money can be earned, but what about our lost health? Let’s understand more about the problem of consuming PPIs for heartburn relief!

They didn’t mention that in the ads, did they?

A new Mayo Clinic study lays out how badly things can go when you use a powerful patent med to suppress something your body needs and uses constantly — stomach acid.

Researchers took fecal samples from nine volunteers and then handed them a 30-day supply of omeprazole (sold under the brand names Prilosec, Prilosec OTC, Zegerid and Omesec). By the end of 30 days, bacteria levels in the volunteer’s digestive tracts had be knocked WAY out of whack. Bad bacteria had skyrocketed, while good bacteria was nearly a no-show.

And with those good belly bugs at an all-time low, we’re talking about stomach issues that go WAY beyond a gurgling gut here. I’m talking about everything from severe stomach cramping to dangerous out-of-control diarrhea.

Even worse, without enough good bugs to put up a defense, you’re left vulnerable to all kinds of serious — and even deadly — infections. In fact, the volunteers’ gut flora imbalances were SO bad they came close to what you’d see in patients suffering from a C. diff superbug infection!

Yikes! That’s a harsh price to pay for heartburn relief!

According to Dr. Wright, microorganisms in the intestines depend on natural pH balance. But you only get that balance if all of your digestive organs are on the right track.

Dr. Wright: “When the major source of intestinal acidity (the stomach) fails or when it’s suppressed by patent medications, intestinal contents become too alkaline, allowing unfriendly microorganisms to enter the scene.”

PPIs don’t just wreak havoc on your intestines either, they can also increase your risk of pneumonia, heart disease and even cancer. And they suppress indispensable nutrients — including B12, vitamin C, magnesium and calcium — that are essential for bone, heart, brain, and immune system health.

But there’s a simple way out of this trap. Quit taking PPIs.

Researchers found that after volunteers stopped taking omeprazole “most of their gut bacteria” returned to normal. A good probiotic can help you build up the rest of those friendly gut bugs.

And if you suffer from heartburn you DON’T have to just grimace and bear it. Simply follow Dr. Wright’s plan for overcoming chronic heartburn by INCREASING stomach acids.

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