Berberine research reveals powerful cancer prevention benefits

Slam the lid on breast cancer risk with this potent botanical

Q: Breast cancer runs pretty strong through my family tree so I try to do just about anything that might help me keep cancer at bay. You’ve talked a lot about berberine for type 2 diabetes, but I’ve heard it also has some anti-cancer benefits too. Would a berberine supplement be generally helpful as a cancer preventive?

Dr. Wright: Absolutely! Berberine helps you lose weight and control blood sugar, so right there are two cancer risk factors you could take down a notch from the start.

Berberine has also been found to have cytotoxic effect on breast cancer cells. It was shown to kill cancer cells in a specific breast cancer cell line known as MCF-7. Researchers speculate that the herb may be able to serve as a naturally occurring treatment for breast cancer therapy.

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But berberine doesn’t stop with breast cancer. It turns out that melanoma, or skin cancer, may be susceptible to berberine treatment as well. One group of researchers found that the botanical inhibited cancer on the cellular level keeping two types of melanoma cells from metastasizing or spreading around the body. This is particularly important since this is typically how melanoma kills.

Berberine’s cancer-fighting prowess doesn’t even end there. It reportedly has beneficial effects against oral cancer, and helps stop the development and spread of tumors of the colon. And the herb has been shown to inhibit prostate cancer cell growth in mice.

Although powerful on its own, research has found that berberine may be able to give some medications a boost. For example, it’s been shown to increase the sensitivity “in vitro” (that is in cell cultures, not living animals or humans) of two cancer cell types…A549 and HeLa…to doxorubicin, an anti-cancer patent medicine.

A small minority of berberine users experience mild digestive problems (usually brief) like constipation and abdominal pain. But if you tolerate berberine well, I believe that this versatile botanical can strengthen your natural cancer defenses.


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