Chemotherapy side effects can be tamed with supplements

Bust through chemo’s brutal side effects with supplements

Fatigue, hair loss, nausea, no appetite, depression — chemotherapy sure likes to kick you in the shins when you’re down.

Every year, while locked in a fight for their lives, millions of cancer patients have insult added to injury as they suffer through the devastating side effects of their chemo treatments.

Complain to most docs, and they’ll just shrug, offer a sympathetic smile, and say side effects come with the territory.

Well, it’s time for those docs to stop burying their noses in their financial statements and stock portfolios — and to start reading some medical journals instead. Because yet another study has found that safe, natural inexpensive supplements may be all that stand between you and chemo relief.

Brazilian researchers split 40 children with leukemia and lymphoma into two groups. Half of the kids got a selenium supplement and the others got a placebo along with their chemotherapy.

Within 30 days the children who took selenium had much less fatigue, nausea and impaired physical function compared to kids who got a placebo. Their kidney and liver functions were better too!

But selenium isn’t the only natural agent that can help tame the chemo beast.

Intravenous vitamin C (IVC) has also been found to help relieve chemo side effects. In one trial with ovarian cancer patients, IVC reduced toxicity to bone marrow, the brain and major organs. IVC has also been shown to kill cancer cells while leaving healthy cells intact — something chemo could NEVER do.

Researcher and herbal expert Kerry Bone, has found that milk thistle protects the liver during harsh treatments and can even help reduce chemo’s long-term side effects.

And Dr. Wright recommends lithium which increases crucial white blood cell counts in patients whose levels drop after chemo, leaving them more vulnerable than ever to infection.

Some oncologists mistakenly believe that natural antioxidant treatments such as selenium and IVC will interfere with chemo’s killing power. In fact, there’s not a shred of evidence that they do any harm, and a good bit of evidence that they can do just the opposite. In one review of 15 studies, nearly 4,000 patients who used antioxidants and other supplements had INCREASED survival rates compared to patients who got chemo alone.

Listen, I wouldn’t wish chemotherapy on my worst enemy, and you know I think it’s overused and downright poisonous. But if you make the personal decision to choose chemo, you owe it to yourself to do everything you can to protect yourself from the brutal attack it’s going to unleash on your body.

Give these natural treatments a try, because fighting cancer is tough. But maybe we can make fighting your treatment a little easier.


Supplementation with Selenium Can Influence Nausea, Fatigue, Physical, Renal, and Liver Function of Children and Adolescents with Cancer