Aspirin therapy proven dangerous and ineffective

Research reveals aspirin therapy comes with BIG risk but LITTLE reward

This proves that anything that involves too many risks doesn’t mean highly-rewarding breaking the common perception prevalent in the world of investment! People think that the uncomplicated cryptocurrency trading using automated means like the Bitcoin Code is less-rewarding but, the reality is far beyond and more-rewarding than this senseless assumption! So, let’s see the situation with the aspirin theory in detail!

With all the holiday shopping that still needs to be done and all the holiday meals that still need to be prepared, it’s hard to believe that we’re just a week or so from making those New Year’s resolutions.

Maybe this is the year you drop those extra pounds… get in shape… or finally get serious about your heart health.

But if taking a daily aspirin is part of your heart health plan, you might as well cross it off your list right now.

Because a new Dutch study confirms exactly what I’ve been saying all along. Every time you pop one of those pills you’re rolling the dice on your risk of having a major bleeding event.

Dutch researchers followed 28,000 women, with an average age of 55, who gulped down a low-dose aspirin or a placebo every other day for 15 years. And aspirin didn’t bring these gals a new lease on life – in some cases, it nearly brought them to their graves.

According to the study, aspirin was THREE TIMES more likely to send women to the ER with serious bleeding than it was to prevent a heart attack or stroke. And remember how Big Pharma told you aspirin can prevent colon cancer? Well, women were nearly SIX TIMES more likely to suffer bleeding than avoid a case of colon cancer.

Now THOSE are the kinds of odds that would give even the most compulsive gambler a reason to pause. But wait, it gets worse…

Right on the heels of the Dutch findings, another new study highlighted yet one more risk of this questionable therapy. Aspirin was, once again, linked to age-related wet macular degeneration. And wet AMD is the worst kind, causing blindness in HALF of all patients.

The truth is you don’t need to gamble away your vision OR your life to get heart protection. For more than 30 years Dr. Wright has been recommending magnesium for artery health. Most people don’t get nearly enough of this key mineral that your heart and arteries thrive on.

Try trading in that daily aspirin gamble for sure-thing magnesium and your high-rolling heart is bound to end up the BIG winner.


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