Faulty devices used in potentially thousands of knee replacement surgeries

Your botched knee surgery could be the result of reckless greed

What an act of greed in the healthcare sector? My assumption was greed is the very favorite and casual scenario of the financial sector, where scammers try to take advantage of the desperate customers and loot their hard-earned money, shamefully! But, thankfully, while the reliable means like the Quantum Code is available to regrow one’s fortune, is there any such solution for the act of greed aka the botched knee surgery in this significant healthcare industry? Let’s read further to discover!

If you had a knee replacement between 2006 and 2009 that went about as smoothly as a train wreck, it’s time to call your surgeon. Ask him the brand name on the device he used to guide the cuts around the bone during your surgery.

And then, if you hear the name OtisMed, the very next call you should make should be to your lawyer.

The reason your knee replacement didn’t go like clockwork might very well be traced straight back to a gutless criminal named Charlie Chi.

You’ve probably never heard of him — but if you’ve had a knee replacement, you’re never going to forget the name. Chi recently pled guilty to three counts of fraud thanks to his shady tenure as president and founder of OtisMed, a medical device company.

OtisMed shipped out a boatload of their unapproved and dangerous OtisKnee tools between 2006 and 2009 — letting docs believe the device was on the up and up. Even after their application for approval was rejected by the FDA in 2009, Chi shipped out an additional 281 of the bum devices that were designed to be used during knee replacement operations.

In the end, 18,000 of those turkeys were delivered to unsuspecting surgeons. And that could add up to a whole LOT of hurting knees out there. And maybe yours is one of them.

Chi could be facing a few years behind bars — which is a joke, considering the thousands he may have harmed. And, of course, he’ll be spending the holidays at home — he won’t even be sentenced until March.

It’s just the latest reminder that there are no “routine” or “risk-free” surgeries out there. Because every time you lay on that table, you’re at the mercy of companies and special interests that put their bottom lines ahead of your health.

And too often, we don’t know about it until it’s too late.


Hundreds of knee replacement devices shipped without FDA approval, company exec