U.S. government admits forced fluoride program went too far

Are the feds FINALLY coming clean on fluoride dangers?

You can see it in the toothy grins in your grandkids’ school photos.

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You’ve probably noticed it when they open wide at the dentist’s office.

It’s there for anybody to see — the visible sign of the damage fluoride is doing to our bodies.

In fact, the damage has become so obvious that even our government can’t deny it any more.

After more than half a century of lying to us about the safety of fluoride, the government is admitting for the first time that there’s too much of this poison in the water. The Department of Health and Human Services says we need to cut levels nearly in half — the first such adjustment since 1962.

Why? Because nearly half of all children between the ages of 12 and 15 now have dental fluorosis, a condition that rots teeth from the inside out. Sometimes it simply leaves white streaks on our teeth — in the worst cases, it can cause pitting and crumbling.

But trust me — what fluoride is doing to our teeth is nothing compared to what it’s doing to our brains.

Multiple studies have proven that children born in areas with elevated levels of fluoride have lower-than-normal IQs. And a new study released this month linked fluoride to America’s skyrocketing ADHD rates.

The federal government spent decades trying to convince us that our teeth would rot out of our heads without fluoridated water. They even named water fluoridation one of the top ten great public health achievements of the 20th century.

And anybody who questioned the health benefits were immediately marked and shunned as heretics. Scientists even had their careers ruined for daring to speaking out.

But we now know that water fluoridation is the most dangerous forced mass-medication program in American history.

Our government isn’t quite ready for a full fluoride ban yet — but there’s plenty you can do to get this toxin out of your own family’s lives.

First, remove fluoride from your water with a reverse osmosis filtration system and look for fluoride-free toothpaste. There are safe alternatives like strontium and Xylitol that have been proven to reduce tooth decay.

Fluoride’s bad and dangerous. Now that there’s no doubt, it’s time to take it out.


U.S. lowers recommended fluoride levels in drinking water


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