Bariatric weight loss surgery now has a new danger: blindness

Save your sight by saying NO to weight loss surgery

Like a movie fading to black, depriving your body of vitamin A could plunge your vision into permanent darkness.

Lights out — eyesight gone — all because of a simple vitamin deficiency.

And it’s a deficiency that the more that 220,000 Americans who have had bariatric weight-loss surgery are facing right now, according to a recent (and terrifying) review.

Researchers report that weight-loss surgery patients are experiencing an alarming number of eye problems ranging from mild annoyances — such as dry eyes and night blindness — to severe issues including corneal ulcers and even total blindness. And it’s mostly due to a lack of vitamin A, complicated by lower levels of copper and vitamins E and B1.

You see, all gastric bypass patients eat less. After all, that’s the whole point of the surgery. But throw in the food intolerances and frequent vomiting that come with the surgery, and you’re REALLY depriving your body of nutrients. In extreme cases malnutrition develops.

Blindness is just one potential side effect of this surgery. Acute kidney failure, heart attack, stroke, depression, psychosis, low blood sugar and low blood pressure have all been linked to this health-robbing procedure. And that doesn’t even include the risk of complications like infection, bowel obstruction, and hemorrhaging that can lead to the ultimate side effect: death.

If some doctor is trying to strong arm you into this risky surgery, save your sight — and maybe even your LIFE — by making a beeline for the door. Instead seek out a holistic doctor skilled in nutrition-based medicine who can design a HEALTHY eating plan that will have you shedding pounds, and feeling fantastic, in no time.


Warning to bariatric surgery patients: Take your supplements, for eye’s sake


Flu shot offers no protection against dominant strain

Shamefaced CDC forced to admit flu shot is a failure

The flu shot is a big bust!

And believe it or not that news is straight from the ivory tower of the CDC.

Yes, the flu shot’s biggest cheerleader has FINALLY admitted defeat.

Now you and I both know that flu shot protection is a fairy tale that the Mother Gooses at the CDC have been spinning for years. But they’ve really laid an egg this time… an egg so big and dangerous, they’re not even trying to cover it up.

Turns out there’s a lethal flu strain, influenza A (H3N2), that’s spreading like wildfire right now. It’s already been detected in nearly every state — and our government and drug company goofs neglected to include it in this year’s vaccine.


That means all the folks who rolled up their sleeves for the flu shot will STILL be vulnerable to A (H3N2). And this bug’s a real doozy.

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In past seasons A (H3N2) has proven itself to be a particularly potent virus. Not only did the ugly bug send large numbers of people (young and old alike) to the hospital… many of them never walked back out again.

You’d think with a strain that dangerous, Big Pharma and our government would be sure to include it in the annual vaccine. But common sense isn’t a specialty for either of them.

So now that the CDC has sheepishly admitted that the flu shot is a flat out failure what’s their next move? Believe it or not, it’s to push ANOTHER useless drug on top of it.

The CDC is recommending that anyone who gets the flu start on a course of Tamiflu and Relenza, two junk antiviral drugs that were recently shot down in flames. Sure, they might shorten your flu by a few hours, but that’s ALL they do. And if you’re a senior they likely won’t even do that, according to the drug maker’s OWN studies.

The next time a doctor tries to push a useless flu shot on you tell him where to stick that needle — and reach for some REAL flu protection instead. Frequent hand-washing can head off flu bugs before they ever have a chance to make you sick. And unlike that failed flu shot, good old vitamin D has been PROVEN to reduce flu risk — and a daily dose of vitamin C (three grams) can send those bugs packing too.

But if you should still come down with a flu bug don’t despair. Vitamin C can help turn things around here too. Dr. Wright recommends taking the “bowel tolerance” level of C when you’re sick — take as much as your body will tolerate without diarrhea.

Following these simple steps could help take this flu season straight from a rough ride to smooth sailing.


CDC Health Advisory Regarding the Potential for Circulation of Drifted Influenza A (H3N2) Viruses

Tamiflu and Relenza: getting the full evidence picture

Statins May Protect People from Air Pollution

More than 187,000 people recently learned about…
Type II diabetes wiped out by the “spice miracle”
The FDA’s plan to regulate cherry pie!?
Sugar: The good, the bad, and the ugly

Olive oil shields arteries against dangerous air pollution effects

Erase the effects of pollution with this delicious cure

If you’ve ever been stuck in traffic sucking in lungfuls of gas fumes and thought, “This CAN’T be good for me.” — you’re absolutely right. In fact, if heavy traffic is part of your daily commute you’re not doing your lungs — or your heart — any favors.

Respiratory experts say that more than 800,000 people die every year from exposure to what they call “fine particles” of air pollution. But while few of us can just pack up and move to Green Acres to get away from the bad air, it turns out there IS something you can do to protect yourself from it.

Let’s start with something you shouldn’t do — take statins. Believe it or not, a push is on to prescribe statins after a new study found they may ease inflammation and protect your heart from air pollution.

That sounds like quite a leap to me. If you ever run into a doc willing to expose you to the muscle pain and cancer risk of statins — all because you’re breathing in some smog — you should run for the door.

We can do a LOT better than statins.

Earlier this year researchers tested olive oil against inflammatory effects of air pollution. The study actually exposed volunteers to polluted air, then measured blood vessels with ultrasound.

Volunteers were split into three groups and for four weeks before the test they took either three grams of olive oil per day (that’s less than half a tablespoon), a fish oil supplement, or neither. After exposure there was no significant (and potentially dangerous) blood vessel narrowing in the olive oil group, but there was in the other two.

And to seal the deal, only the olive oil volunteers had an increase in a protein that busts blood clots caused by air pollution.

So if you’re worried about the effects of pollution, start working some olive oil into your daily routine. It’s not just delicious — it’s a breath of fresh air.


Curb dangerous triglycerides with antioxidant spices

Powerful spices send triglycerides plummeting

The mainstream anti-fat machine can’t stop yakking about your cholesterol. They’ll talk themselves hoarse about what your cholesterol numbers should be, and all the wonderful (not to mention dangerous) prescription drugs that can help get you there.

But ask them about triglycerides… a powerful predictor of your heart disease risk… and all you’ll hear is the sound of crickets. That’s because even though some docs may still try to push statins for triglycerides, they know there’s no effective triglyceride prescription on the market.

So without a drug to offer, the mainstream practically acts like triglycerides don’t exist — and that’s criminal.

We know that triglycerides can destroy your heart AND your liver while steadily expanding your waistline in the process — a triple whammy nobody needs.

One of the best ways to begin bringing down those triglyceride levels is to limit your calories, which isn’t a lot of fun. So you’re going to be delighted to hear that some brilliant researchers have found a way to whip your triglycerides into shape by making mealtime tastier than ever!

In a new trial, Penn State researchers fed prepared meals to men who were healthy but overweight. One meal was just chicken, bread, and a light dessert. The other meal was identical, but contained a mix of nine high-antioxidant spices: cinnamon, ginger, turmeric, rosemary, cloves, garlic powder, oregano, paprika, and black pepper.

Blood tests taken after the spiced meals showed triglyceride levels plummeted by as much as 30 percent. Even better, antioxidant activity increased 13 percent.

A few delicious spices managed to accomplish what no drug has been able to do. And it could literally be a lifesaver.

The good news doesn’t end there. There are a few more simple steps you can take to help put a lid on triglycerides. Along with cutting calories and kicking high fructose corn syrup out of your diet, a little daily exercise helps keep triglycerides low.

Then add in a couple of key nutrients including vitamin E, omega 3 fatty acids niacin and berberine and watch those numbers take a nosedive.

One word of caution: If your doctor wants to prescribe Lovaza to lower triglycerides, take a pass. Lovaza is a ridiculously expensive fish oil product that’s achieved drug status. But no need to empty your wallet when there are high quality fish oils available at a tiny fraction of Lovaza’s cost.

Colorectal cancer risk drops with a good calcium supplement

Your risk of deadly cancer plummets with this mighty mineral

Before the hour is up about 15 people here in the U.S. will be headed home with a newly diagnosed case of colorectal cancer.

That’s 15 people every hour of every day. By the end of the week you could fill up more than five Boeing-747s!

But there’s something you can start doing today to help make sure you’re never included in that deadly passenger list. Simply pop a multivitamin with calcium, according to a new study.

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Dutch researchers crunched the numbers from 24 different studies comparing supplement use with colorectal cancer rates.

Two gift wrapped packages of good news emerged. First, taking a multivitamin was linked with a seven percent lower risk of colorectal cancer. And, even better, adding in calcium appears to double that drop in risk. Calcium users were 14 percent less likely to receive the dreaded diagnosis.

But I think this study is selling calcium’s protection potential a bit short.

Five years ago we told you about a National Cancer Institute study that included nearly half a million volunteers. In the NCI study men who took calcium fared well, lowering their colorectal cancer risk by a healthy 16 percent with 1,500 mg a day.

But the women saw even better results. Taking just 1,300 mg of calcium a day sent their colorectal cancer risk plummeting by nearly 25 percent. Incredibly the mineral’s protection didn’t stop there either, it was also linked to a lower risk of developing ANY form of cancer.

That’s a pretty solid recommendation for calcium, but a few additional supplements could bump up your protection against colorectal cancer even further.

First, magnesium is an essential running mate with calcium. Each mineral enhances the effects of the other, and magnesium helps your body soak up more of difficult-to-absorb calcium. (It’s no coincidence that our Creator packed in some magnesium to ride along with every dietary source of calcium.)

The second key calcium helper is vitamin D — another nutrient that helps boost calcium absorbency and is a well-known cancer-fighter in its own right.

And finally, vitamin K helps direct calcium to the places where it does the most good — and away from arteries where it could contribute to plaque buildup.

Combined, these protective supplements could be the key to never becoming one of the dreaded 15.

A crystal ball for health care costs?

Skip the health care sticker shock with a simple online tool

Heart disease may be the leading cause of death in America — but if you ask me, the second leading cause must be sticker shock.

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Because millions of folks just like you are getting medical bills in the mail every day, and the staggering health care costs are enough to make you keel over. And if you’ve ever wondered whether you were taken for a ride on a medical procedure… whether some mainstream scammer may have added a couple zeroes to your bill… help may be on the way.

There’s a new website,, that can tell you what you should expect to pay for a procedure — BEFORE you agree to it. It’s going to be especially helpful if you don’t have insurance or have a high-deductible plan.

The website has collected more than 3 billion insurance claims — including costs for various procedures — for more than 50 million Americans.

Need to get a cataract removed? The national average cost is $3,426 — but you can pay as little as $2,330 or as much as $5,490, depending on where you live.

Unfortunately, doesn’t provide information about individual hospitals or physicians. You can’t use the site to compare General Hospital to St. Elsewhere’s.

But for people living close to another state it can make a difference. For instance, the national average cost for a CT scan is $685. In Maryland, it’s $421 while across the border in the District of Columbia, the same CT costs more than twice as much.

You should always get a cost estimate from a doctor before you agree to any services and procedures — and he’s required to give you one. But if you want to make sure you’re being given a fair price… and not the victim of some mainstream shake-down… help may be just a couple mouse clicks away.


Will new health-pricing service provide protection in a high-deductible world?


More than 187,000 people recently learned about…
Type II diabetes wiped out by the “spice miracle”
The FDA’s plan to regulate cherry pie!?
Sugar: The good, the bad, and the ugly

Bogus ADHD study tries to terrorize parents

Big Pharma using fear to peddle ADHD meds

There’s an old nursery rhyme that claims kids are made of snips, snails and puppy dog tails. But when Big Pharma looks at your little one, there’s only one they’re seeing.

Cash. Lots and lots of YOUR cash.

Big Pharma has spent a fortune on advertising and PR practically creating a disorder that didn’t exist a generation ago — ADHD. They’ve conned desperate parents and gullible doctors into believing that wriggly and inattentive kids have a mental disorder that needs to be treated with powerful (and expensive) antipsychotic drugs.

And boy has it worked. ADHD treatment has grown into a BILLION dollar industry — and in the past decade, the number of ADHD cases has rocketed 66 percent.

Even toddlers are being forced-fed ADHD meds by doctors who ought to be handcuffed and publicly shamed.

But it’s never enough for the greedy drug companies.

Now, Big Pharma has commissioned a study to scare parents into believing that ADHD kids have a greater chance of DYING. The twisted logic of the new study is that if you don’t do something to treat your overactive kid, he could wind up in a deadly accident.

That’s right. Take this pill or Little Johnny’s going to die. And leave your co-pay with the pharmacist.

What a load of grade-A boloney.

First off, the study was funded by the Lundbeck Foundation — the research arm of a company that makes… you guessed it… psychiatric drugs. It took me about three minutes to discover that — but the mainstream media didn’t lift a finger to expose the truth.

Second, these dangerous ADHD drugs are the real killers. And they do their damage in more ways than you can count.

Some ADHD drugs, like Ritalin, have been linked to suicides. Others, such as Seroquel, Abilify and Risperdal, could TRIPLE your kid’s chances of developing potentially deadly Type 2 diabetes. And methylphenidate may increase the risk for sudden death in children by up to 700 percent!

Look, our children and grandchildren are being overdosed and overmedicated to feed Big Pharma fat cats. If they have their way, these drug companies will prescribe normalcy out of existence.

Dr. Wright has found that children who are diagnosed with ADHD may be deficient in essential fatty acids. These essential ingredients are optimal for brain function, growth and development. Try his simple natural regimen and see if you can keep your child free of ADHD and dangerous drugs for good.


Mortality in children, adolescents, and adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: a nationwide cohort study


Don’t want to give up your supplements when you travel? Here’s how

Keep your vitamin regimen simple when traveling

Q: I am getting ready to take a spring break vacation with my children and grandchildren. I’m not looking forward to getting all my supplements through airport security (let alone lugging them around for a week). Will skipping a week really hurt?

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Dr. Wright: The good news is that you don’t have to go a week without giving your body the vitamins and nutrients it needs.

There’s a simple trick that allows you to reduce the number of capsules and pills you need to carry around, but still get the same effect as if you had brought them along. The secret is recognizing which supplements our bodies can “store up.”

Our bodies store up fat-soluble nutrients and supplements, and use what’s “stored up” when it’s not in our daily intake. These include not only the essential to life fat-soluble nutrients — vitamins A, D, E, K, and the omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids — but also CoEnzyme Q10, tocotrienols, and others.

An example: if you take 5,000 IU vitamin D daily (a minimum for optimal health for most adults), and you’ll be gone for a week, then take 35,000 IU extra (7 x 5000 IU) just once before you leave. Your body will average it out.

Another example, perhaps easier to do if you’re taking a number of fat and oil-soluble supplements and don’t want to (or just can’t) take all of them in a relatively large dose, all at once: take twice as much each day before you leave for the same number of days you’ll be gone. Again, your body will draw on the stored nutrients as they’re needed.

Unfortunately, this strategy won’t work for water-soluble, poorly stored vitamins and supplements, such as vitamin C. And while our bones store calcium really well, it’s wisest for balance to take magnesium with calcium, and you know what happens to most of us if we take a large quantity of magnesium all at once (hint: think “milk of magnesia”). There are possible acute effects from other minerals, too, so it’s best not to use a high daily quantity of any of them unless you know for sure it’s OK. Ask a physician or compounding pharmacist skilled and knowledgeable in the use of supplements.


Government sold spoiled flu vaccine

Outrage! Uncle Sam endorsed a spoiled flu vaccine

Imagine you have the grandkids over for dinner. You’ve grilled up some chicken breasts… whipped up a salad… maybe even bought some of their favorite cookies for dessert.

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And once they’re done eating… once the complaints about the bellyaches start rolling in… the grocer shows up and admits he sold you expired food.

That’s no way to run a business — and it’s sure as heck no way to run a country. But right now Big Pharma and our government are locked in what may be the greatest scandal in the whole sordid history of the flu vaccine.

Because a major drug company is admitting it may have put MILLIONS of doses of spoiled, useless flu vaccine into American kids and grandkids.

And our government helped them do it.

There’s a good chance that you or someone you care about used this expensive nasal vaccine. It’s called FluMist. You squirt it into your nose instead of taking an injection.

Months ago, a government advisory panel actually recommended it as THE vaccine of choice for kids. And that was all it took for manufacturers like AstraZeneca to make a fortune selling 18 million doses of the stuff.

But now a new study has revealed that the stuff doesn’t actually work. In fact, it spoils faster than a gallon of milk in a locked car… in Phoenix… in August.

Turns out the swine flu strain in the vaccine is incredibly sensitive to heat, and just leaving the vaccine unrefrigerated for a little while — which is common — is enough to make the vaccine lose its potency.

Now our government is saying it never should have endorsed FluMist… AstraZeneca is vowing to fix the problem… and there isn’t a snowball’s chance in Hades of you getting your money back.

Of course, the problems don’t end with FluMist. According to government research, all flu vaccines — not just FluMist — were only 20 percent effective this year.

Only your government would use the word “effective” with something that failed four out of five times.

Would you purchase Internet service that worked only one-fifth of the time? How about a car that would only start six times a month?

Yet, that’s what the mainstream medical community and Big Pharma expect of you when it comes to flu vaccines. They practically bully you into getting a shot each year, even though the vaccine doesn’t really work.

And if you skip it, they claim YOU’RE the wacko!

Dr. Wright has more sound ways to build up your immune system and protect yourself from flu. In fact, check out his list of 15 proven immune boosters you need to know about.


Seasonal Flu Vaccine Even Less Effective Than Thought: CDC


Docs rush into prostate cancer treatments that could do more harm than good

Overtreatment of prostate cancer has become an epidemic

They say everything you need to know in life you learn in kindergarten — but, trust me I learned an awful lot watching Westerns, too.

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And whether it was Clint Eastwood, John Wayne or James Coburn facing down some cattle rustler at high noon, the lesson was always the same.

If you want to win a fight, keep your head and don’t panic. And that goes double when you’re fighting cancer.

If you’ve recently been diagnosed with prostate cancer, your head was probably still swimming when some mainstream oncologist already had a calendar out looking to schedule radiation or surgery.

And this is where you need to keep a cool head. Because there’s one thing more important than treating cancer quickly or aggressively — and that’s treating it right.

A new study shows that too many men with prostate cancer are getting dangerous — and potentially life-wrecking — radiation whether they need it or not.

Researchers tracked 38,000 U.S. seniors who had been diagnosed with prostate cancer between 2004 and 2007. Turns out these men were SIX TIMES more likely to choose radiation — and twice as likely to choose surgery — than a “watchful wait” approach where tumors are monitored over time to see whether they grow.

Researchers say men like you are being given radiation regardless of the severity of your cancer. In fact, factors like whether your prostate cancer is even serious or not seem to “contribute very little to the decision-making process,” they said.

So, why are so many men getting unnecessary and aggressive treatments?

Follow the money, the giant piles of money. Americans spend an estimated $12 BILLION each year on prostate treatment.

Treatment rather than observation makes economic sense to the radiation industry and the surgical mainstream. They’d prefer that you know of only two choices — the knife or the deep fry.

And radiation pays out twice as much as surgery — which explains why the mainstream pushes that route. Meanwhile, plenty of guys who opt for mainstream treatments can end up impotent, with diabetes or bone loss. With radiation, you could even develop a secondary bladder or rectal cancer.

Look, most prostate cancers are slow growing. If you’re already in your 60s, and especially if you’re older than 70, often the best thing to do is simply monitor the cancer to see if it grows.

For men, it’s human nature to want to attack the problem. It’s not in our DNA to sit back and wait.

But when you rush into a treatment plan, you can end up like that over-eager gunfighter who shoots off his own foot. Get a second opinion… hold your powder… and make sure you end up with the treatment plan that’s right for you.


Are Too Many Prostate Cancer Patients Receiving Treatment?