Seven times stronger than statin drugs…yet safer than a sugar pill

Cholesterol drugs may poison your liver, but at least they prevent heart attacks…right?

Not so fast.

In one of medicine’s strangest ironies, it now appears that cholesterol-lowering “statin” drugs may weaken the human heart. In a recent series of clinical studies, top-selling statin drugs were found to raise blood pressure and lower levels of lifesaving HDL (“good”) cholesterol. Of course, both these things increase your risk of heart disease, but here’s the kicker…

As Dr. Jonathan Wright, one of alternative medicine’s most respected physicians, warned his patients and readers of his Nutrition & Healing newsletter years ago, all statin drugs block your body’s production of coenzyme Q10. And this nutrient is so critical to your cellular “energy engines” your heart can’t beat without it.

But there’s no reason to put yourself — or your heart — in jeopardy. Dr. Wright has found a common substance that blows the drugs away. In fact, when independent researchers tested it against costly statin drugs like prevastatin (Prevachol), lovastatin (Mevachor), simvastatin (Zocor), it proved seven times better.

While statin drugs simply cut cholesterol, clinical studies now confirm that Dr. Wright’s discovery can

slash LDL cholesterol by a whopping 25%
cut TOTAL cholesterol as much as 17%
yet raise “good” HDL cholesterol by over 29%
reduce dangerous triglycerides up to 14%, and
lower both systolic and diastolic blood pressure
All without blocking your CoQ10.

So what is this awesome new powerhouse? Some ultra-risky drug that still needs years of testing and tinkering? Something we’ll have to pay hundreds of dollars for, when it finally appears?

Not at all!

This new wonder is made from nothing more dangerous than sugar cane extract. And it’s not even the sugar component, but the part we’ve been throwing away!

In fact, this extract has practically zero carbohydrate content. It’s so harmless that even type II diabetics can use it without raising their blood sugar. And when scientists tested it for any other bad side-effects, it proved even safer than the placebo!

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