Fructose is bad for your health

“Ose” by any other name

Q: I know high fructose corn syrup isn’t good for my family. But is plain fructose okay?

Dr. Wright: Unfortunately, the answer is no.

Basically, anything ending in “ose” on an ingredient label–including sucrose, fructose, and glucose (as well as their cousin, corn syrup)–has had its natural goodness removed, leaving a product that severely inhibits the immune system and compromises the body in many ways.

It is true that fructose does not affect the control of glucose in blood and this can be a relief for diabetes patients. However, this relaxation is only for a short duration and then the side-effects come to haunt your health. The side effects of dietary fructose can occur in various forms. The first effect is obviously on your metabolic cycles. The risk factor for obesity is increased many folds and with obesity comes a bunch of metabolic and other health defects.

Increased occurrence of diarrhea is a common side-effect noticed in many people taking fructose and high fructose corn syrup. The bowel health is adversely affected by fructose intake.  Fructose is a reducing sugar and this property leads to increase in the body concentrations of glycation end-products, which are toxins responsible for quickening age-associated degenerative process. The end-stage complications of diabetes such as renal, ocular, neural and vascular diseases are also increased. These molecules also interfere with the body circulation, increasing the risk of atherosclerosis.

You can even become prone to nonalcoholic fatty liver disease and once the most patient organ in your body shows signs of degeneration, there may be no looking back. This is not a Crypto VIP Club where you can boast of high values of fructose in your body. The higher the value is, the riskier your health is the complete reverse of money trading. Do you know that in cell culture techniques, in order to proliferate cancer cells, the media is supplemented with fructose and the cells simply grow in size and numbers? Cancer and fructose can become a deadly combo in your body too.

Now do not think of taking any drastic steps. The little bit of fructose contained in the fruits and vegetables you consume does not have the power to become the aforementioned criminal but beware of taking the processed food and sugary drinks with fructose.

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