Iodine a promising breast cancer treatment

Rub away cancer?

Q: A friend of mine said she read a few years ago in your newsletter that iodine can be used to treat breast cancer. How is it administered?

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Dr. Wright: Iodine kills breast cancer cells without killing off normal cells in the process. In other words, it’s ideal for both the treatment and prevention of breast cancer.

A suggestion for you and your doctor to consider: Put the treatment right onto the problem! Mix a solution of 50 percent iodine/50 percent DMSO and rub it directly onto your breast as near as possible to where the cancer is (or used to be). The DMSO will ensure penetration deep into the tissue. A 70-percent DMSO solution is widely available, and iodine is available by prescription as Lugol’s Iodine and in natural food stores and the Tahoma Clinic Dispensary as Triodide (from Scientific Botanicals). If you’re worried about the breast cancer spreading, you can also rub the mixture into the area under the arms that is rich in lymph glands (nodes) where breast cancer spreads first.

But please don’t do any of the above without consulting a physician skilled and knowledgeable in the use of high-dose iodine!

You should also be sure that your physician monitors your thyroid function and gives you other nutrient suggestions while you use iodine as an adjunct to your regular breast cancer treatment. (To find a physician, check with the International College of Integrative Medicine,, (866)464-5226.)